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  Obituary - Dr. Hans Gunter Frey


Obituary for Dr. Hans Gunter Frey

Date/Place of Birth     May 14, 1940 at Dortmund/Germany

Date /Place of Death   August 25, 2013.Islamabad, Pakistan

Married to Dr. Nasima Rahman, a Pakistani citizen from Lahore

from 30-05-1969 till her death on 9-04-2005

Qualifications              Bank-apprenticeship at Commerzbank, Dortmund, 1960-62

                                    M.A.Pol.Science, Freie Universitaet Berlin, 1970

                                    Ph.D. at Southasia Institute, Universitaet Heidelberg, 1974

                                    Research Assistant, Southasia Institute,  1974/75

                                    Asst.Prof.,Dept.Internaional.Relations, Quaid-i-Azam-Univ,Isbd,1975-79

                                    Consultant to various development projects in Pakistan

                                    Project Manger of Baltistan Health & Education Foundation

                                     May, 2005 till death

Visiting Professor at Area Study Centre for Africa, North & South-America at the Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, 2008-2011

Secretary-General of Council of Social Sciences of Pakistan (COSS) August, 2011  till death

Languages                   German, English, French, Urdu


Summary of Experience

After his Ph.D. at the Southasia Institute of the University of Heidelberg/Germany with a thesis on the ‘Socio-economic costs of Pakistan’s Conflict with India during the Ayub Khan period’, had a teaching assignment as Asst.Professor at the Dept.of International Relations, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad,Pakistan. Worked as a Consultant for development projects in Pakistan, mainly in the fields of institutional analysis/development, rural development, community development, NGOs in the social sector, and again at QAU, Area Study Center, than at COSS.

This included multi-sectoral local government and rural development projects, organizational studies for NGOs, guiding the establishment and development activities of NGOs particularly in the social sector, 12-year assistance in project management including. financial administration and procurement of equipment for an NGO providing healthcare services for women in Baltistan, as community development expert in a team of international consultants in rural water supply and irrigated and rainfed agriculture projects in Baluchistan, NWFP and Punjab, Team Leader of the EU Consultants to the Multi-donor SAPP II Mission. Assisted UNFPA's Pakistan Field Office in the Mid-Term Review Mission of the EC/UNFPA Reproductive Healthcare Initiative in Pakistan. Participated in ADB, UNFPA and UNICEF funded stakeholder consultation workshops for project formulation. Consultant for EPOS-Health Consultants for KfW/Germany in the Northern Area Health Project. Advisor and Project Manager for the Baltistan Health and Education Foundation . From 2008 – Aug.2011 Senior Professor at the Area Study Center for Africa, North and South-America at the Quaid-i-Azam-University, Islamabad. Since 2011 Secretary-General of the Council of Social Sciences of Pakistan (COSS, Islamabad. Representative of Rotary International (Pakistan) on the National Steering Committee of the National Immunisation & Polio Campaign/NIH, Islamabad.


                  Messages for Condolences received from friends and admirers.


I am very sorry to hear about the sad demise of Dr. Hans Frey. May God rest his soul in peace - Ameen.

Anjum R Haque


 I am sad to hear that. Please accept our condolences.

Sameena Nazir

Potohar Organisation for Development Advocacy


It is very sad and hurting to hear the news. He was a treasure of knowledge and nobody can fill his place. May his soul rest in peace. Ameen. 

Dr. Bushra Yasmin

Head of Economics Department,
Fatima Jinnah Women University, The Mall, Rawalpindi

 May his soul rest in peace. We will miss for years to come.

Fateh Chaudhry


 It is, of course, very sad news. God bless him.

Prof. Zulfiqar Ali Qureshi


 My deepest condolence to all those who cherished their association with Dr. Frey. May Allah give him a most beautiful place in Heaven and comfort those who are saddened by this loss.  Amin.

B. Ayisha Mustafa, Ph.D


 Sad to learn the news about the demise of Dr. Frey. He was really a dedicated member of COSS. Frey sincerity courage to serve humanity will always remain a motivational force for all those who worked with him. May Allah give enough courage to his family to bear this irreparable loss. Hope COSS will arrange a condolence meeting soon.

Department of Sociology
International Islamic University,

Both my sister, Dr. Zohra Azam and I deeply saddened by the news of the recent death of Dr. Hans Frey --- a sound scholar a noble gentleman and a sincere citizen of Pakistan.  Both he and his late dear departed wife, Dr. Nasim Frey were friends of the PFI and our personal friends.  Please convey our condolences to Dr. Saeeda Asadullah and other members of the COSS.  May his noble soul rest in perpetual peace!  Amin!  Suma amin! 


30th Aug:

                       Condolence expressed at Reference by COSS

 Dr. Hans was an asset for the organizations he was associated with to fill the gap is next to impossible. He will be missed,

Dr. Shamim Zaidi

Head of  Communication and Media Studies
Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi.

Dr. Hans was a great teacher, motivator and scholar to learn all the time. I was working with him on new technology and its effect on society and in every meeting he gave me very new dimension. Lot to say about him I will miss him always.

Rotarian Muhammad Ali Rana

 Dr. Frey was a thorough scholar and a true lover of Pakistan. Despite all the odds after passing away his beloved wife, he stood determined and   continued pursuing her health project in Skardu and never felt like leaving Pakistan.

We at COSS will miss him always and it would be hard to fill the gap he leaves.

Nadeem Akbar

Treasure, COSS

 Dr. Hans Frey was dedicated and committed to social development issues and to social inquiry. He commanded respect due to his dedication to working in a voluntary capacity for causes of the marginalized.

I should miss Dr. Hans Frey’s quiet gentle presence just as I miss Dr. Nasima’s lively presence and stories.

Saba Gul Khatttak


 Dr. Hans Frey was always a supportive beacon of the social sciences in Pakistan. He made many important contributions to social analysis in Pakistan, not only through his own work but also through his students

Amita M. Weiss

Sociologist, University of Oregon.

 Dr. Hans Frey! An amazing mentor, unforgettable teacher and the experiences that I had with him, will always be rememberable. First time in my life I came to know how an anthropologist does field work. He never stopped sharing and learning his experiences in life with me. He was sincerely drawn to hard work, making changes in Skardu which would be impossible even for locals. He loved Pakistan and was concerned for social sciences and researches done in the field.

Umme Kulsoom


It is difficult to belief that Dr Hans Frey is no longer with us. He left us after a short illness. He was endowed with scholarship and intellectual finesse He was a social scientist in the true sense. Academically a political scientist, he taught International Relations at Quaid-i-Azam University, he worked in the field as an anthropologist, and as a sociologist assisted in women’s empowerment in the mountainous area of Skardu, Baltistan. Truly a rare human being, for us at the Council he will remain in our hearts and memories. May he remain in Peace .Ameen.

Zarina Salamat

Vice President, COSS

 Dr. Hans Frey was a colleague, who was selfless in his giving both as a professional and as a human being. His loss can’t be measured in words and thoughts and the vacuum created by his going away will always remain in all of our hearts (all of us whose life he touched). His deep commitment to the social causes was always a priority for him. He was a rare and unique human being truly gifted and blessed with a profound capacity to feel for others and to give selflessly. May Allah bless his soul and may we carry his mission forward.

Dr. Saeeda Asadullah

President of COSS


                                    Reference held by Rotarians

 He was an active member of the Rotary Club of Islamabad Metropolitan.  Heartfelt condolences were expressed at the reference held by the Club on September 2nd. He was hailed as a Legendry Social Worker. His contribution particularly towards the Polio campaign was acclaimed for outstanding recognition.

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