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COSS collected data on MPhil and PhD theses written in public sector universities from 1947 to 2001. Three sources were used to acquire it.

  1. National Bibliography of Research Theses Submitted to the Universities of Pakistan (M.Phil, Ph.D. and Equivalent Levels) published by the University Grants Commission, Islamabad in 2000.
  2. The Social Science Departments and
  3. The departmental libraries and main university libraries.

The data was checked and rechecked several times to ensure accuracy and comprehensive. Despite this if visitors to the Website find mistakes in it or discover that some theses have been under reported or over reported they are requested to get in touch with COSS through its email or telephone. The contributions of deans of social science faculties, the chairpersons of departments and librarians of all public sector universities in preparation of this data are thankfully acknowledged.  

The theses can be searched using the following categories:

Name of the student wrote it
Title of thesis
University in which it was written
Year of Completion of the theses
Supervisor of the thesis
Discipline in which it was written

Name of student Title of Thesis Degree
Nazir Hussain Shah The Falkland Crisis and its Impact on Global Politics. M.Phil
Shafiq-Ur-Rehman Bureaucracy in South Asia (A Case Study of Central Superior Service of Pakistan) M.Phil
Firdous Nilofar Western Influence on the Status of Women of Japan. M.Phil
Muhammad Qais Unification of Yemen in the Changing International Order Ph.D
Pir Bakhsh Gopang Constitutional Foundations of Federalism: A Case Study of Pakistan (1965-1988) Ph.D
Shafiq Rehman Menace of Corruption in Developing Societies: Causes, Effects and Remedies (A Case Study of Pakistan) Ph.D
Ahmed Nawaz Hakro Budget Deficit and its Linkages with Money Supply, Inflation, Interest Rate, Exchange Rate and Trade Balance Var Model Case Study of Pakistan Ph.D
Ghulam Muhammad Lakho Study of Socio-Economic Organisations and Institutions in Sindh During 18th Century Ph.D
Muhammad Qasim Soomro Historical Background of Shikarpur 1617-1977 Ph.D
Muhammad Arif Khan Development of Psycho-Diagnostic Test for the Assessment of Psycho-Social Problems of the Mal Adjusted Cadets of Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul Ph.D
Nagina Parveen A Social Psychological Study of Perceptions of Senior Teachers and Senior Students about themselves and each other at Allama I.I. Kazi Campus, University of Sindh, Jamshoro Ph.D
Ghulam Mohammad Jakhrani Sociological Study of Folk Medicines and Faith Hailing in District Jacobabad, Sindh, Pakistan Ph.D
Ubaidullah Bhatti Socio-Economic Conditions of Inland Fishermen in Hyderabad Division Ph.D
Muhammad Abdul Salam Political Development in Nigeria 1945-1988 Ph.D
Allah Dino Soomro Hindu Muslim Relations During Post Khilafat Period 1925-1947 Ph.D
Hocshang Labour Management Relations in Developing Economics with Special Reference to Pakistan 1970-1986 Ph.D
Muhammad Murad Political Movements in Larkana and its Impact on the Struggle for Pakistan (1915 to 1947) Ph.D
Khan Muhammad Panhwar Waheed Jo Sindhi Sahafat, Syasat Adabi Hasu (The Contribution of Al-Waheed in Journalism and Political Literature) Ph.D
Ayaz Mohammad Some Political Aspects of Local government finance in Punjab Ph.D
Qurban Ali Economic Exploitation of Marine Resources of Sindh. M.Phil
Riaz Ahmed Chohan Socio-Economic Problems Confronted by the Aged of Quetta District and Current Welfare Facilities Programmes available to them. M.Phil
Misbah Bibi Occupational Stress of Male and Female Nurses of L.M.C.H. M.Phil
Musarat Shah Assessment of Coronary Heart Diseases in Type A Behavior Subject. M.Phil
Hamadullah TITLA Sociological Study of Two Different Models of Rehabilitation of Drug-addict. M.Phil
Noman Gul SAARC and Indo-Pak Relations: An Analytical Study (1985-1993) M.Phil
Nilofer Sheikh Trades of the Mohen-Jo-Darains. Ph.D
A. Rashid Sheikh The Educational Reforms in Pakistan. A Critical Analysis and Recommendations for Implementation with Reference to Sindh. Ph.D
Muhammad Saleem Paleolithic Cultures of Potowar with Special Reference to Lower Paleolithic. Ph.D
Rukhsana Nawaz Chand Role of Credit Institutions in Agricultural Development and its Impact on Foreign Exchange Earnings from 1975 to 1995. A Case Study of Pakistan. Ph.D
Imdad Hussain Sahito Decade of the Dacoits in Rural Sindh (1984-1994) Ph.D
Rukhsana Nawaz Chand Credit Availability and Agricultural Development in Pakistan. M.Phil
Ghulam Qasim Bughio Role of Irrigation in Agricultural Development of Sindh. M.Phil
Muhammad Saleem Rahpoto An Analysis of Food Production in Relation to Population Growth in Pakistan. M.Phil
Manzoor Ali Rind Sugarcane Technology Adoption and Yield Response of Crops in Thatta, District of Sindh. M.Phil
Nanik Ram Impact of Land Reforms on Agricultural Development (A Case Study of Sindh Province) M.Phil
Altaf Hussain Ansari Impact of New Technology on Agricultural Development of Pakistan from 1965 to 1995. M.Phil
Abdul Qayum Mangi SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) Hope for Economics and Political Collaboration in South Asia. M.Phil
Adil Karim An Analysis of Households Consumption Patterns in Pakistan 992-1993. M.Phil
Sartaj Khan Relative Technical Efficiency of Farmers in Two selected Districts of NWFP: A Comparison by Farmsize and Tenure. M.Phil
Iftikhar Hussain The Opportunity Cost of Defence Spending (A Case Study of Pakistan 1976-96). M.Phil
Muhammad Nasir Khan History of Constitutional Development in NWFP (1901-1932). M.Phil
Jamila Khatoon The Prevalence of Affective Disorders and Stress among Muslim Patient, and its Impact upon Suicidal Behavior. M.Phil
Javed Iqbal The Personality Profile of Murderers. M.Phil
Arbab Khan Afridi Strategies Proposed to bring about Reforms in Madrassa Education in NWFP. M.Phil
Farzana Shaheen Women and Education in Pakistan. An Analytical Study of Current Estimates and Future Expectations (From 1980-81 to 1990-91) M.Phil
Asha Shafiq Developing Strategies for Improving University Education. M.Phil
Asghar Ali Shah Aggression and Children. M.Phil
Farah Naz Qasmi Relationship between Locus of Control Depression and Religious Orientation. M.Phil
Erum Irshad Epilepsy and Psychological Disorders. M.Phil
Muhammad Tahir The Personality Profile of Drug Addicts. M.Phil
Shazia Sohail Family Influences on the Development of Creativity in Children. M.Phil
Nadia Nabat Ali Visual Structural Images of Creative and non Creative Adults. M.Phil
Gulzar Ahmed Soomro Religious and Educational Contributions of Ulamas of Shikarpur District. Ph.D
Major M Younis Development of a Strategy for Restructuring Secondary Education in the Light of Policy Initiatives of Government in NWFP. M.Phil
Wazim Khan Evaluation of Guidance and Counseling Programmes in the Teacher Training Institutions of Pakistan. Ph.D
Babar Shah The Constitutional Dichotomy along the Durand Line. Ph.D
Habib Gul Suggestive (appropriate) Technology for Economic Development of Kohistan District. Ph.D
Sardar Muhammad Ishaq Khan Pak-China Trade Through the Karakuram. Ph.D
Mian Bashir Ahmad An Inquiry as to the Relevance of the Philosophy of Education of Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi to the Present Day Needs of Education in Pakistan. M.Phil
Abdul Qayum Khan Training of the Civil Servants in NWFP: A Case Study M.Phil
Siamah Mahmood Qureshi Therapeutic Effect of Eclectic Approach in Counseling. Ph.D
Naeema Sattar Personality Patterns and Mental Health of Students with Rural and Urban Backgrounds. Ph.D
Fakhar-un-Nisa Anxiety and its Effects on Completion Tendency. M.Phil
Riffat Bano Reliability and Norms of Work Environment preference schedule for employees of various bureaucratic organisation. M.Phil
Fazal-ur-Rahim Marwat Evolution and Growth of Communism in Afghanistan. Ph.D
Muhammad Bilal Malik The Role of Tourism in the Economic Development of Pakistan: A Case Study of Northern Areas. Ph.D
Mohammad Naeem Comprehensive Analysis of Wheat Production and Balancing its Demand and Supply Problems and Remedial Measures. (A Case Study of Pakistan). Ph.D
Nasir Ahmad Agricultural Marketing in NWFP: A Case Study of Cost and Contribution of Market Intermediaries. Ph.D
Muhammad Islam Farm Size, Land Productivity and Economic Efficiency in NWFP. Ph.D
Jehanzeb Economic Efficiency of the Agrarian Structure in the NWFP of Pakistan. Ph.D
S.Zari Rafiq Impact of Socio-Culture Factors on Participatory Community Development in NWFP. Ph.D
Ijaz Majid Association among Fertility Behavior in Women using Various Contraceptive Methods (A Case Study of Pakistan). Ph.D
Zakia Ali Study of Researches Completed by the Social Scientists of Peshawar University at Ph.D. and M.Phil Levels. Ph.D
Muhammad Ijaz Butt Pakistan-China Boundary Settlement. Ph.D
Inayatullah Faizi Southern Passes of the Wakhan Corridor. Ph.D
Ihsan-ur-Rehman Latent Angles of the Afghanistan War (1979-89) Ph.D
Misal Zada The Role of Afghan Loya Jirga in Law Making Ph.D
Sarah Safdar Kinship and Marriage in Pukhtoon Society. Ph.D
Idress Masood Changing Patterns of the Economy in Tribal Areas Adjoining North-West Frontier Pakistan. Ph.D
Shahriyar Khan An Inquiry into Genesis and Socio-Economic Impact of Land Reforms in Pakistan with Particular Reference to NWFP. Ph.D
Jan Baz Khan The Impact of the Kabul River on the Socio-Economic Development of Peshawar Valley. Ph.D
Bushra Hamid An Attempt at Financial Sector Institutional Reforms in Central Asia. Ph.D
Zilakat Khan Malik Socio-Economic Development of the Rural Areas through Local Councils in NWFP. Ph.D
Musarat Qadim Changing Perspectives of South Asia in United States Foreign Policy Objectives: A Case Study of Pakistan 1990-1996. M.Phil
Javed Iqbal The Genesis of US Influence in the Politics of Pakistan. M.Phil
Hamidullah Jan Identification of Income Generating Activities in Rural Areas of NWFP (A Case Study of District Lakki Marwat). Ph.D
Syed Sajjad Ali Shah The Utilization of Foreign Remittances. Ph.D
Hazrat Bilal An Evaluation of the Agricultural Credit Programme of the Commercial Banks in NWFP (1972-73 - 1992-93). Ph.D
Mukarram Khan Economics of Sugar Beet and Beet Sugar Production in NWFP (1974-75 to 988-89). Ph.D
Ashiq Hussain Estimation of Supply Response of Major Crops in Pakistan Agriculture. Ph.D
Mohammad Saeed Measurement of Economic Efficiency in Agriculture in Peshawar District. Ph.D
Fatima Ahmed Role of Credit in the Agricultural Development of Chitral. Ph.D.
Nizakat Begum Evaluation of Population Welfare Programme in NWFP (A Case Study of Peshawar Division). PhD
Samra Ashfaq Contributory Factors in the Selection of Candidates by the NWFP Public Service Commission. PhD
M. Nazeer Kakakhel Conceptual & Institutional Development of State in Early Islam. PhD
Fida Mohammad Status of Individual in Islam: A Study in its Political Implications. PhD
Farhad Jan Khudai Khidmatgar Movement in the NWFP: Its Nature and Direction. M.Phil
Ghulam Mustafa Liberalism with Special Reference to John Dewy's Pragmatism M.Phil
Syed Fazle Payember Naqvi Constitutional and Political Development in Pakistan, March 1956-October 1958. MPhil
Syed Wiqar Ali Shah Muslim League in the North West Frontier Province 1936-1947. MPhil
Riaz Ahmad Constitutional and Political Development in Pakistan, October 1951-October 1954. MPhil
Muhammad Zummard Elite during the Reign of Akbar. MPhil
Rizwan Malik The Politics of One Unit, 1955-1958. MPhil
Mohammad Iqbal The General Elections of 1970. MPhil
Mohammad Nayyer Iqbal Political and Constitutional Developments in Pakistan, 1947-1948. MPhil
Inamullah Jan Pukhtunwali in Historical Perspective. MPhil
Sayyid A.S. Pirzada Jamiat Ulama-i-Islam Pakistan, 1947-70. MPhil
Khuram Qadir The Amiran-i-Chihalgan. MPhil
Aziz Ahmad The Punjab under Abdus Samad Khan and Zakariyya Khan, 1713-1745. MPhil
Syed Tariq Ayub A Study of Historical Writings on Muslim Movement in South Asia 1947-70. MPhil
Masood Akhtar Maulana Shaukat Ali: A Political Biography. MPhil
Syed Mujawar Hussain Shah Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar: A Political Biography. MPhil
Anwar Shafique Khalid Martial Law in Pakistan 1958-62. MPhil
Noor ul Haq The Politics of the All India Muslim League, 1940-45. MPhil
Mumtaz Ali The Movement for Pakistan: A Study of Pakistan Historiography. MPhil
Robina Nazar Unionist Party 1936-1947. MPhil
Hafeez ur Rauf All-India Muslim League, 1937-1940. MPhil
Riffat Ayesha Pak-Afghan Relation 1973-79. MPhil
Javaid Haider Syed Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan: A Political Biography. MPhil
Earl Roberts Reynolds A Historical Study of the Work of Certain ....Century Indian Apologists for Islam. PhD
Syed Umar Hayat Organisation of Islamic Conference - Genesis and an Assessment. MPhil
Muhammad Bashir Chaudhry Kashmir Issues: A Study of its Origin and Development 1947-58. MPhil
Mrs. Parveen Rozina History of Jamiat-ul-Ulema-i-Hind (1919-1949). MPhil
Hafiz Babar Khan Barr-e-Saghir Pak-o-Hind Ki Siyasat Main Ulma-e-Hind Ka Siyasi Kirdar (Beesven Sadi Main - 1940 Tak) (Role of Muslim Scholars in the Politics of Sub-continent in 20th Century upto 1940). PhD
M. Farooq Tabassam Chaudhary Ghulam Abbas: His Life and Times. MPhil
Allah Rakhio History of Sindhi Printing and Publishing. PhD
Farzana Mujeeb Hashmi Constitutional Development in Pakistan, 1972-77. MPhil
Mirza Khan Zaman Cabinet Mission and Muslim Politics in South Asia. MPhil
Farah Gul Baqai Separation of East Pakistan. MPhil
Bashir Ahmad Islamisation in Pakistan, 1977-1985. MPhil
Qureshi Hamid Ali Khanai Shahji Ja Qadeem Ilmi Markaz (Old Centres of Learning in Shahaji). PhD
M. Anzar Malik Darajat in the British Administration: A Political Administrative Study. MPhil
Liaqat ur Rehman Pakistan Relation with Afghan, 1947-1971. MPhil
Naheed Kazim Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the Constitutional Advances in India: The Case of Cripps Proposals. MPhil
Mujeeb Ahmad Jamiat-al-Ulama-i-Pakistan, 1948-1979. MPhil
Rana Arshad Mehmood Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy in Pakistan's Politics, 1948-1963. MPhil
Manzoor Ahmad The All India Muslim League, 1924-30. MPhil
Mian Easan-ul-Haq The Pakistan National Alliance, 1977-1979. MPhil
Nadeem Shafique Malik The Tahrik-i-Istiqlal, 1970-1977. MPhil
Shereen Aslam The (Azad) State of Jammu and Kashmir: Government and Politics 1947-1964. MPhil
Shabana Iqbal Britain and the Modernization of India: 1880-1910. MPhil
Muhammad Shafique Shah Waliullahs' Philosophy of History. MPhil
Atiq ur Rehman Chaudhry Muhammad Ali: His Role in Constitution Making. MPhil
Nabeela Afzal Women in Parliament, 1947-77. MPhil
Tahir Nigar All-India Muslim League's Policy Towards the Princely States, 1940-47. MPhil
Qutub ul Haq Chishti Baluchistan Muslim League, 1939-47. MPhil
Abdul Razzaq Shahid The All-India Muslim League, 1930-1937. MPhil
Malik Tauqir Ahmad Wazir Life and Times of Malik Lal Khan. MPhil
Ghazi Abdullah Chaudhary Muhammad Ali: A Study in Political Leadership. MPhil
Kausar Parveen Eight Amendment: Its Impact on the Political Development in Pakistan. MPhil
Erum Gul Islamic Movements in USA. MPhil
Shazia Noreen Social Structure and Political Representation in Pakistan: A Case Study of Baluchi Tribes (1971-1977). MPhil
Farooq Ahmad Dar Communal Riots in the Punjab, 1947. MPhil
Khair-ul- Vara Mohammad Khan Junejo As a Prime Minister, 1985-88. MPhil
Aisha Maqsood Partition of India and the Accession of the Princely States: A Case Study of Hyderabad. MPhil
Fouzia Ahmad The Senate of Pakistan: 1973-77. MPhil
Ghulam Ghous The Jamaat-e-Islami of Pakistan in Ayub Era (1958-69). MPhil
Azhar Nadeem Mian Mumtaz Ahmad Khan Daultana: A Political Biography. MPhil
Shakeel Ahmad Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayum - Life and Works. PhD
Pervez Ahmad Khan Frontier Contingent to the Lahore Resolution (1940). MPhil
Azmat Hayat Khan Durand Line: Its Geo-Strategic Importance. PhD
Hussain S Iftikhar The Journal "Pukhtoon". MPhil
Hussain S Iftikhar Some Major Pakhtoon Tribes Along the Pak-Afghan Border. PhD
Muhammad Izharul Haq Kohat: Its Ulema and Mashaikh (Haji Bahadur Sahib). MPhil
Nazir M. Gardezi The Growth and Development of Wakhi Language. PhD
Louis Flam The Paleogeography and Prehistoric Settlement and Patterns in Sindh Pakistan (C.A. 4000 - 2000 B.C.). PhD
Agha Hussain Hamdani The Frontier Policy of Delhi Sultans. PhD
Riaz Ahmad Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah: The Formative Years, (1892-1920). PhD
Sikandar Hayat Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Creation of Pakistan: A Study in Political Leadership. PhD
Hameed-ud-Din A History of the Sayyid Dynasty. PhD
Saeeduddin Ahmad Dar Pakistan's Relations with Egypt 1947-71. PhD
Syed Zafar Hussain The Control Business District of Karachi: A Study in Functional Location. PhD
Maria Sultan The Strategic Triangle: India, China and Pakistan. MPhil
Shahbaz Hussain Management of the Kargil Crisis: A Systemic Approach. MPhil
Mumtaz Ahmad Maken Environmental Security in Pakistan. MPhil
Sarah Bokhari The Making of Pakistan's Nuclear Doctrine. MPhil
Inayatullah Faizi Afghan Political Literature in Peshawar 1978 - 1982. MPhil
Nighat Mehroz Chishti Constitutional Development in Afghanistan. MPhil
Javed Badshah Some Eminent Personalities of NWFP. MPhil
Zahoor Ahmad Awan Iqbal and the Afghans. PhD
Moonis Ahmar The Soviet Interests and Involvement in South Asia 1969 to 1987. MPhil
Qabil Khan Amir Hamza Khan Shinwari: Life and Works Ph.D.
Muhammad Nasim Khan Kharosthi Script - A Detailed Analysis of the Inscriptional Records of the Mauryan, Scytho Parthian and Kushan Times M.Phil
Shahid Waseem Anjum Public Sector Deficit: Issues, Determinants Measurement and Macroeconomic Linkages: A Case Study of Pakistan M.Phil
Seema Anjum Riaz Islam in North America M.Phil
Muhammad Javed Ahmad Political Economy of Higher Education in Pakistan - A Case Study of Multan M.Phil
Abdul Khaliq Capacity Utilization and Cost of Production: A Case of Public Enterprises in Pakistan M.Phil
Muhammad Akbar Noor Investment and Hystersis (Cause of Non Abandonment) M.Phil
Irshad Hussain Malik Role of the Local Government in Rural Development M.Phil
Sajid Ali Siddiqui Consumer Behaviour in Pakistan M.Phil
Imran Chaudhry Determinants of Rural Poverty in Punjab (Pakistan): A Village Study M.Phil
Muhammad Saeed Khan Privatization in Pakistan during the Period 1983-93 M.Phil
Pir Muhammad Yaqub Chisty Determinants of Child Labour in the Rural South Punjab (Pakistan) M.Phil
Samina Rathore Factor Substitution and Technical Efficiency in Selected Large-Scale Manufacturing Industries of Pakistan: Some New Evidence M.Phil
Shahzad Qaiser The Metaphysics of Khawaja Farid Ph.D.
Muhammad Amin Islami Tasawwuf Mein Fard Ka Tassawar Ph.D.
Safdar Hussain Safdar Quranic Sociology of Philosophy Ph.D.
Amjad Ali Impact of Afghan Refugees on Pakistan Society M.Phil
Saima Haseen Nagorno Karabakh War between Azerbaijan and Armenia M.Phil
Raza Mohammad Khan Foreign Policy of Turkmenistan M.Phil
Mukhtar Ahmed Ali Afghanistan - Tajikistan Relations: A Study of the Impact of Transnational - Influences of Afghan Jihad and Civil War on Tajikistan M.Phil
Rashid Mafzool Zaka Pakistan and the Indian Muslims M.Phil
Simbal Adnan Khan Nation Building and the Search for Legitimacy in Uzbekistan M.Phil
Saifur Rehman Gondal The US Foreign Policy Towards South Asia in the Post-Cold War Era M.Phil
Hazrat Hussain Afridi Pakistan-Afghanistan: Post Najibullah Era M.Phil
Fazal Mehmood Civil War in Afghanistan M.Phil
Pervaiz Naeem Tariq A Comparative Psychological Profile of Professional and Non-Professional Criminals in Pakistan Ph.D.
Mohammad Pervez Concrete Operational Thought as a Construct and its Relevance to School Education in Pakistan Ph.D.
Seema Pervez The Role of Play in the Development of Preschool Children Ph.D.
Salma Siddiqui The Assessment of Attributional Styles of Depressives and Non-Depressives Through an Indigenously Developed Depression Scale Ph.D.
Ghazala Naheed Farooqi Patterns of Responses of Psychotic and Normal Females on Rorschach Ph.D.
Tanvir Akhtar A Comparative Psychological Profile of Political, Organizational, and Military Leadership in Pakistan Ph.D.
Anila Kamal Sexual Harassment at Workplaces and Coping Strategies Employed by Women Ph.D.
Farida Yasmin Rifai Development and Validation of a Self-Esteem Scale Ph.D.
Iftikhar Ahmad A Study of teacher's Efficacy Beliefs and their Motivational Characteristics Ph.D.
Sayeda Riffat Naheed Neuropsychopathology and Role of Family Support in Improvement of the Stroke Patient Ph.D.
Ashfaq Hussain Gardezi Development and Standardization of an Indigenous Nonverbal Test of Intelligence Ph.D.
Syed Sajjad Hussain Development, Validation and Standardization of a Group Verbal Intelligence Test in Urdu for Adolescents Ph.D.
Humala Khalid Differences between Primary Students of Government and Private Schools in Cognitive Development M.Phil
Mrs. Qurratullain A Validation Study of Cattells Culture Fair Test of Intelligence M.Phil
Ghazala Naheed Farooqi As Compared to Non-Addicts Common Responses of Pakistani Female Students on Four Rorschach Cards M.Phil
Muhammad Wasim Altaf A Profile of Delinquents and Non-Delinquents on the CPI M.Phil
Mohammad Israr A Psychological Interpretation of Mathematics Learning Problems among Secondary Schools Students M.Phil
Misbah Naheed An Urdu Translation and Cultural Adaptation of the Self-Directed Search in Pakistan M.Phil
Fatima Zehra Differences between Aggressive and Non-aggressive Students on Hand Test M.Phil
Tahira Mahmooda Differential Attitude of Parents Towards their Children's Marriage and Education M.Phil
Huma Agha A National Study for the Determination of Scale Values of Urdu Trait Adjectives M.Phil
Itrat Abbas Anwar Perception of Problems and Future Perspectives of Pakistani Prisoners M.Phil
Nargis Mahmud Development and Validation of Educational Abilities Test for Pakistani Preschool Children M.Phil
Tanvir Akhtar Assessment of Leadership Potential in Armed Forces M.Phil
Shagufta Aziz The Role of Some Social and Environmental Factors in Drug Addiction Among Male University Students M.Phil
Fauzia Rashid Butt Attitudes of People Towards the Handicapped M.Phil
Iffat Saeed Khan Development of Problem Checklist For Pakistani Adolescents M.Phil
Nasreen Rafiq Spontaneous Self-Concept of Pakistani Male and Female Adolescents M.Phil
Farida Yasmin Rifai Development of Examination Stress Scale of University Students M.Phil
Anila Kamal Attribution of Responsibility for Sexual Harassment as Related to Sex Role Attitudes M.Phil
Irum Abrar Awan The Role of Occupational Stress in Heart Attack M.Phil
Syed Sajjad Hussain Development of a Group Verbal Intelligence Test in Urdu for High School Students M.Phil
Jan Muhammad Khan Development of Problem Checklist for Military Cadets M.Phil
Laeeq Mirza Cultural Adaptation Validation and Standardization of the Minnebota Multiphasis Personality Inventory (MMPI) for the Urban Population of Pakistan Ph.D.
Rehana Shujaat Assessment of Organizational Leadership M.Phil
Farah Deeba Student Unrest at University Campuses M.Phil
S. Imtiaz Karim Values of Indian and Pakistani Muslim Youths: A Cross-Cultural Study M.Phil
Tehmina Majeed Layman's Perception of Crime and Justice in Pakistan M.Phil
Fatima Rasheed Mirza Parent Girl-Child Relationship, Home Environment and Values of Females as Contributors Toward Runaway Behavior M.Phil
Ghazala Naheed Development of a Verbal Test of Intelligence for Pakistani Urban Primary School Children M.Phil
Sarwat Shah Adaptation of Home Inventory (Infant Version) for Pakistani Children M.Phil
Naina Syed Development of a Non-Verbal Test of Intelligence for Pakistani Urban Primary School Children M.Phil
Farhana Akbar Victimization, Fear of Crime and Reporting to Police in an Urban Community of Punjab M.Phil
Ashfaq Hussain Gardezi Development of a Non-Verbal Intelligence Test for Adolescents M.Phil
Rubina Hanif Behavioural Problems of Abused and Non-Abused Children M.Phil
Aisha Manzoor Attitudes of Blinds Towards Community M.Phil
Abida Sarwar Marital Adjustment and Depression Among Working and Non-Working Women M.Phil
Muhammad Tahir Psychological Characteristics of drug addicts and non addicts Ph.D.
Ayza Yazdani Socialization Practices of Parents of Mentally Handicapped Children M.Phil
Ghulam Mehdi Hayat Khan Cognitive Analysis of Problems of Learning Mathematics in Primary School Children M.Phil
Masood Nadeem The Role of Medium of Instructions in the Development of the Curriculum Related Science Concepts in Matriculate Students M.Phil
Zahida Qamar Psychological Needs of University Students as Revealed through TAT Protocols M.Phil
Irshad Akabri Rana A Cognitive Investigation of Learning Disabilities in Pakistani School Children M.Phil
Ghazala Tallat Schematic Impact of Information Processing and Its Effects on Impression Judgement M.Phil
Shazia Akhtar Ullah Role of Perceived Social Support as a Coping Resource For Job Stress M.Phil
Rizwana Alam A Case Study of Classroom Processes During First Year of Primary School with Implications for Drop-Outs: A Cognitive Developmental Perspective M.Phil
Fariha Bashir Development of a Psychographic Inventory for Life Style Segmentation of Married Women M.Phil
Tahira Khanum Development of Clinical Form of Siddiqui-Shah Depression Scale M.Phil
Sumaira A. Osmani Reference Group Influences on Product Purchase Decisions M.Phil
Sohail Talat Occupational Role Stress in Male and Female Bank Employees M.Phil
Seemaba Babree Aggressive and Nonaggressive Children's Perception of Parental Acceptance-Rejection and Control M.Phil
Rahat Bakhteyar Analysis of Piagetian Tasks from an Information Processing Perspective M.Phil
Hamid Mahmood Butt Personality Correlates of High and Low Religious Groups in Army Personnel M.Phil
Sofia Tabussam Cheema Psychological Costs and Benefits for Working and Non-working Women M.Phil
Annina Maheen Mirza The Study of the Dissonance in the Concept of Education of High School Students, their Teachers and Parents M.Phil
Ambreen Mumtaz Sectarianism in Pakistan: A Comparative Study of the Cognitive Abilities of Tolerant and Intolerant Religious Organisations M.Phil
Samina Naheed Professional Attitude of Teachers and their Psychological Well-Being M.Phil
Masood Riaz A Comparative Personality Profile of Murderers in Pakistani Prisons M. Phil
Rehana Sajjad The Effect of Visual Illustrations on Comprehension of Textual Material Among Children M. Phil
Nelofar Shabnam Validation of Columbia Mental Maturity Scale Pakistani Adaptation(CMMSPA) on Primary School Children M. Phil
Sherjeela Shaukat Schema of Nuclear Weapons M. Phil
Sobia Hussain Domestic Violence: Myths and Reality M. Phil
Rukhsana Kouser Validity Study of Raven's Coloured Progressive Matrices (CPM) in Pakistan M.Phil
Naheed Mahmood Differential Diagnosis of Rorschach in Indentifying Psychotic Males M.Phil
Mohammad Khalid Ramay Cross Cultural Utility of Bender Gestalt Test for Screening Schizophrenics, Brain Damaged and Normals M.Phil
Rafia Rauf Analyzing Likeability of Television Commercials and Exploring it as a Measure of Advertising Effectiveness M.Phil
Shagufta Bhatt Validation and Adaptation of the Three Sub Scales of the Differential Aptitude Tests in Pakistan M.Phil
Mumtaz Muzaffar Khan Creativity Among UNIVERSITY y Students and its Relation to their Perceived Parenting Style M.Phil
Fizza Sabir Academic Self-Concept and Achievement among University Students as Related to their Psychological Adjustment M.Phil
Saima Shahjehan Psychological Needs of Married and Unmarried Women College Teachers M.Phil
Sadia Siddiqa Congruence between Vocational Personality Types of Women in Traditional and Non-traditional Occupations: A Predictor of Job Satisfaction M.Phil
Saadia Tayyab Relationship between Work Values and Organizational Commitment of Public and Private Sector Executives M.Phil
Muhammad Ahmad Emic Perspective of Intelligence in the Punjabi Culture M.Phil
Abu Bakar Idrees Awan Cross-Cultural Utility of Two Sub-Scales (Numerical Ability and Mechanical Reasoning) of Differential Aptitude Test M.Phil
Amjad Ali Awan Parenting Styles and Development of Locus of Control in Children M.Phil
Samina Bukhari Emotional State of Dermatological Patients and their Psychological Well-Being M.Phil
Arif Manzoor Relationship between Early Recollections and Personality Characteristics M.Phil
Amra Munawar Effects of Ethnicity and Attitudinal Similarity on InterpersonalAttraction M.Phil
Saima Naseer Martial Adjustment and Stress Among Traditional Couples and Dual-Career Couples M.Phil
Sadia Aziz Task-Specific Occupational Self-Efficacy in Relation to Gender Role Attitudes and Occupational Aspirations M.Phil
Idrees Fatima Lifestyle and Behavioural Segmentation of Oil Users and Ghee Users M.Phil
Rashid Malik Personality Correlates of Post-Graduate Teachers and their Professional Attitude M.Phil
Beena Nosheen Familial Social Support and Depression in Women Breast Cancer Patients M.Phil
Bushra Nazir Factors Affecting the Food Purchase Decision of Women M.Phil
Amer Shahzad Social and Cognitive Competence of Adolescents in Dual-Working Families M.Phil
Syed Ahmad-ud-din Hussain Development of Local Government Institutions in the Province of the Punjab: A Critical Assessment Ph.D.
Hamid Raza Siddique Pakistan main Parlimani Jamhooriat 1947-1956 (Parlimentry Democracy in Pakistan 1947-56) Ph.D.
Abdul Rauf Pakistan Main Islami Nizam Ke Nifaz Ka Masla (Problem of the Implementation of Islamic System in Pakistan) Ph.D.
Shamim Haider Tirmazi The Historical Review of the Development of Islamic Educational System Ph.D.
Zafar Mehmood Khawar A Review of the Possibilities of Establishing a Separate Administrative Structure for Female Education in Pakistan Ph.D.
Muhammad Aamir Hashmi Development of an Intelligence Test for Middle Level Ph.D.
Sabira Sultana Role of Hazrat Datta Ganj Bukhsh in Mystic Educational Tradition of Punjab Ph.D.
Sultana Aslam Just Demands of Muslims and Negative Attitude of Hindus in Indian Freedom Movement M.Phil
Muhammad Amir The Political Relations of Bahawalpur State with British India 1833-1947) M.Phil
Ijaz Hussain Historical View of the Role of Urdu Literature for the Development of Muslim Women in India (1857-1947) M.Phil
Muhammad Akram Disintegration of Soviet Union and Pakistan M.Phil
Sadia Iqbal Lodhi The Social and Political Contribution of Begum Jahan Ara Shah Nawaz (1896-1979) M.Phil
Humaira Faiz Dasti Multan during the Mughal Period (1525-1751) Ph.D.
Khurram Qadir The Political Theory and Practice of Delhi Sultnate (1206-1412) Ph.D.
Muhammad Aslam Malik Allama Inayatullah Khan Mashriqi - A Political Biography Ph.D.
Mujtaba Hassan Shah The Indo-Pakistan War 1965 Ph.D.
Muhammad Ali Soviet Military Involvement in Afghanistan and its Impact on the Security of Pakistan Ph.D.
Zarina Salamat The Punjab in 1921-31: A Case Study of Muslims Ph.D.
Muhammad Yusaf Abbasi Muslim Politics in Indo-Pakistan Subcontinent from 1876 to 1892 Ph.D.
Hussain Khan The Transition of Power from the Early Mughuls to Sher Shah Suri from 923/1526 to 952/1545 Ph.D.
Mohammad Iqbal Politics of Tehsil Wazirabad Ph.D.
Parveen Khan Development of the Restoration of the Parliamentary Democracy in Pakistan 1962-73 Ph.D.
Mohammad A. Al-Shahri Pakistan Saudi Arab Relations 1947-92 Ph.D.
Muntazara Nazir Federalism in Pakistan Ph.D.
Muhammad Maruf Iqbal's Philosophy of Knowledge: A Critical Approach to Iqbal's Position on Religious Experience as a Source of Knowledge Ph.D.
M. Nazeer The Impact of Rumi Upon the Religious Thought of Iqbal Ph.D.
Anjum Khilji New Explorations in the Realm of Mind Ph.D.
Ghulam Murtaza Metaphysics of Shah Waliullah Ph.D.
Shaukat Hassan Shah Moral Philosophy and Education Ph.D.
Mussarat Iqbal Ali Hajwiri on the Nature of Religious Experience and Modern Psychology Ph.D.
S. Fazal Ahmad Shamsi Zeno's Arrow Argument Ph.D.
Rashid Mateen Metaphysics in Mystic Poetry of the Punjab with Special Reference to Shah Hussain, Sultan Bahu, Bullah Shah and Khawaja Ghulam Fareed Ph.D.
Naeem Ahmad Iqbal's Concept of Immortality Ph.D.
Nuzhat Sultana Zen Buddhism and the Modern Predicament Ph.D.
Sajid Ali Metaphysics of Shah Ismail Shaheed Ph.D.
Ghazala Irfan Woman the Second Sex: A Philosophical Appraisal Ph.D.
Muhammad Shah Marxism and Instrumentalism: A Comparative Analysis of Their Epistemologies Ph.D.
Gulnaz Parwar Punjabi Klasiki Shaeri Mein Fard Ka Tasawwar (Concept of Individual in Punjabi Classical Poetry) Ph.D.
Ali Raza Tahir Iqbal aur Falsafa Iran: Iran Mein Metaphysics Ke Irtiqa Ka Tanqidi Mutalea Ph.D.
Sobia Tahir God and Evil: An Analytical Study Ph.D.
Muhammad Tufail Salik Iqbal's Philosophy of Law Ph.D.
Ambreen Raza The Critique of Metaphysics in Post-Structuralism Ph.D.
Khalil Ahmad Maulana Muhammad Qasim Nanotawi and Sir Syed Ahmad Khan: Comparative Study of Methodologies Ph.D.
Khawaja Muhammad Saeed Sir Syed Ahmad Khan's Concept of Religion (A Philosophical Appraisal) Ph.D.
Abdul Hafeez Divine Omniscience and Human Freedom (With Special Reference to Iqbal) Ph.D.
Mujahid Ali Mansoori Punjab Ka Zarai Shuba Mei Tarqiati Alaat Ka Itlaaq Aur Ieska Nataij Ka Tahqeeqi Jaiza Ph.D.
Nadeem al Hasan Gailani Urdu Sahafat Par Maulana Zafar Ali Khan Kay Asarat (Maulana Zafar Ali Khan's Influence on Urdu Journalism) Ph.D.
Fauzia Choudhery Urdu Ki Mazahia Sahafat (Humorous Journalism of Urdu) Ph.D.
Muhammad Nawaz Masood Tahreeq-e-Azadi Ka Duraan Qabaeli Allaqaa Jaat Mei Iblaqhi Tareeqa ka Kardar Ph.D.
Ahsan Akhtar Naaz Traqqi Pasand Tahreeq Ka Pakistani Sahafat Mei Kirdar 1947 - 1992 (Role of Progressive Movement in Pakistani Journalism 1947-92) Ph.D.
Iftikhar Khokar Pakistan Mei Deni Sahafat Ka Kardar 1964-88 (Role of Religious Journalism in Pakistan 1964-88) Ph.D.
Suleman Malik Development of Journalism in Pakistan, Status and Prospects Ph.D.
Waqar Ullah Baoz Shurush Kashumiri Bahasiat Sahafi (Shurush Kashumiri as a Journalist) Ph.D.
Muhammad Aslam Pervaiz Cultural Invasion: Exploring the Vertical-Horizontal Evvects Model Ph.D.
M. Abu Umar A. Shakoor Islam Main Aql Ka Maqam M.Phil
Azizullah Kitab Alam Al Nubuwwah Mein Muhammad Zakariya Razi Aur Abu Hatim Al Razi ky Afkar Ka Falsafyana Tajzia Mee Terjuma Wa Hawashi M.Phil
Romula M. Ricafranca A Study of Uncertainty Ph.D.
Kazi A. Kadir Jean Paul Sartre's Atheistic Existentialism and its Ethical Implications Ph.D.
Shafqat Bukhari A Study of Ilm-Al Kalam with a Special reference to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan Ph.D.
Saeeda Begum Pakistan Main Marooj-e-Tahleem ko Islami Khatoot per Istivar Karnain ka Imkanat aur Masail Ka Matalba M.Phil
S.M.A Saeed The Concept of the Self Ph.D.
Muhammad Kamal Hegel's Dialectical Logic Ph.D.
Basharat Tayyab The Contemporary Concept of Man Ph.D.
Shabbir M.Ahsan Private Language Question in Contemporary Analytical Philosophy Ph.D.
Javed Iqbal Ameeri Language and Human Interest - An Analytical Study with Special Reference to Herbert Marcuse and Jurgen Hebermas Ph.D.
Abdul Qadeer Saleem A Critical Study of Mujaddia's Concept of Shuhud Ph.D.
Syed Jaffar Ahmed The Constitutional Foundations of Federalism in Pakistan: Comparative Study M.Phil
Qamarunnisa Qureshi Job Satisfaction of the Secondary School Teachers in Karachi M.Phil
Anwar Shaheen An Inquiry into the Sociological Factors Which affect National Integration in Pakistan M.Phil
Zeeba Zafar Mahmood The Shaping of Karachi's Big Entrepreneur: A Socio-Political Study M.Phil
Muhammad Ali Siddiqui Pakistani Mauashare Kay Tanazur Main Urdu Sharie Ka Tajziati Mutailla (Analytical Review of Urdu Poetry in the Perspective of Pakistani Society) Ph.D.
Shamaroza Sanjrani Problems of Rural Women in Lower Sindh Ph.D.
Tanvir Ahmad Tahir Political Struggle of the Muslims of Sindh upto 1977 Ph.D.
Muhammad Reza Kazmi The Role of Liaquat Ali Khan and the Freedom Movement: An Historical Appraisal Ph.D.
Syeda Tasneem Fatima Saddar Moulemat: Nahaj Qiadat aur Talbat ki Darsi Karkardagi ka Tahkikati Jaiza (Urdu) Ph.D.
Inam ur Rehman Public Opinion and Political Development in Pakistan: 1947-58 Ph.D.
Saeed Ahmed Government Press Relations during the British Era Ph.D.
Nisar Ahmed Zubari Effects of Television on Children of Middleclass Families in Karachi Ph.D.
Tahir Masood Urdu Sahafat Uneesveen Sadi Main (Urdu Journalism in 19th Century) Ph.D.
Mehmood Ghaznavi Urdu Sahafat Mein Zuban-o-Asloob Ka Irtaqa Ph.D.
Nasreen Pervez Karachi Ke Basiun Per Pakistan TV Drama Ke Asrat (Affects of Pakistan Television on the Inhabitants of Karachi) Ph.D.
Seemi Naghmana History and Development of Mass Communication in Balochistan Ph.D.
M. Omer Laique Azam Perceptual Vanation of Labour Problem Among Workers and Union Leaders M.Phil
Nasreen Ayub Self Employed Women of Katchi Abadies: Investigation for Typology Formulation and Determination of Economic Contribution in Urban Informal Sector M.Phil
Noshad Ahmed Saza Yafta Mujriomon Mei Jaraim Key Muharrakat M.Phil
Najma Farman Women NGO's Socio-Economic Development of Program M.Phil
Shama Aziz An Evaluation Study of the Home School Movement Ph.D.
Faridullah Khan Swati Sarhadi Riasaton Ka Inzemam M.Phil
Baz Muhammad Problems of Constitution Making in Pakistan during 1972-73 M.Phil
Farhat Rizvi Political Modernisation in Pakistan Analyzed on John Kautsky's Model M.Phil
Kifayatullah Federalism during Ayub Khan's Era M.Phil
A Samad The Concept of Islamic State and its Application in Pakistan since 1977 to 1986 M.Phil
Shabbir Ahmed Quaid-i-Azam as A Statesman and the Founder of Pakistan M.Phil
Shafique M.Haq The Supreme Court of Pakistan Ph.D.
Akhter Khanum The Role of Islam in the Governance of Pakistan Ph.D.
S. Rizwan Ali Rizvi Nizam al-Malik Tusi: His Contribution to State-craft Political Theory and the Art of Government Ph.D.
S. Shahid Ali Rizvi Local Government in Pakistan: A Critical Study Ph.D.
M. Saleem Khan Azad Kashmir: A Study of its Social and Political Development Since Independence Ph.D.
Rubina Saeed Syasi Tarqi Aur Jadeediat Main Nazaryaa Pakistan Ka Amally Mutallah (1947-1977) Ph.D.
S. Jameel ur Rehman Sindh Ka Musalmanoo Ki Syasi Jidajahd 1857-1947- (Political Struggle of Sindhi Muslims 1857-1947) Ph.D.
Ali Muntazim Naqvi Pakistan Ki Muashi Tarqi Main Hukumat Ki Kiadat Ka Kardaar 1971-1984 (Role of Government Leadership in the Economic Development of Pakistan 1971-84) Ph.D.
Samina Saeed Pakistan Ki Syasaat Mei Pakistan Qumi Itehaad (Pi-En-Aa) Ka Kardaar (Role of Pakistani National Integration in the Politics of Pakistan) Ph.D.
Farhat Azim Pakistan Ki Aaeni Tashkeel Mei Nazaria Pakistan Aur Karardad Maqasid Ka Hissa Ph.D.
M Iqbal Pakistan Main Mazhaabi Mausaar Garhoo Aur Qumi Syasaat Main Inn Kaa Asaraat Ph.D.
Rehmat Ibad Khan Impact of Political Culture on Political Development of Balochistan Ph.D.
Zubaida H. Khan Pakistan Ki Syassi Taraqi Mei Civil Service Kay Kardaar Ka Taqaabli Jaizha - Z. A. Bhutto Aur Zia-ul-Haq Kay Duor-e-hakumaat Ka Tajzyati Mutalah (Role of Civil Service in the Political development of Pakistan: Comparitive Analysis of the Tenures of Z. A. Bhutto and Zia-ul-Haq) Ph.D.
Mirza Askari Hussain Socio-Political and Ideological Dimensions of the Iranian Revolution Ph.D.
Syed Wasimuddin A Study of the Methodology of the Islamic International Law and its Suitability in Modern Times Ph.D.
M. Usman Khan Tribal Politics in Balochistan, 1947-90 Ph.D.
Nusrat Idrees Islam Kay Nizame Huba Ki Roshni Mai Pakistan Mai Intizami Ahtisaab, Nizam, Fraaiz of Kirdar Ph.D.
Syeda Saiqa Zubeda Islamic Political Sociology in the Modern Age: Theory and Practice Ph.D.
Shahnaz Fatima The Role of Soviet Union (U.S.S.R) in Afghanistan from 1963 to 1990 M.Phil
Khalida Ghous Institutionalisation of Human Rights with Particular Reference to the European Court of Human Rights Ph.D.
Ghulam Qumber Pakistan U.S Relations 1975-89 (A Case Study of Convergence on Afghanistan Issue) Ph.D.
M. Anwar The Role of the Smaller News in the Current Political, Economic and Technological Environment Vis-a-Vis Their National Maritime Strategy Ph.D.
Shaista Tabassum The U.S. Policy of Nuclear Non-Proliferation in South Asia with Special Reference to Pakistan: Evaluation and Implications Ph.D.
Talat Ayesha Wizarat Strategies for Peace and Security in Persian Gulf Ph.D.
Sheikh Mutahir Ahmed Afghanistan Internal Strife and External Response in the Post-Soviet Disunion Period Ph.D.
Muhammad Sabihuddin Baqai Trends of Changes in Pakistani Family of Middle Class a Sample of Lahore Ph.D.
M. Owtadol Ajam A Sociological Study of the Hazara Tribe Ph.D.
Sikandarunnisa Kamil Family in a Pakistani Village Ph.D.
S. Anwar Iqbal Socio-Economic Consequences of Return Migrants and their Adjsutment Problems in Punjab Ph.D.
Mussarat Iqbal The Impact of Urbanisation on the Structure and Function of Urban Family in Pakistan: A Sociological Study Ph.D.
Fateh Muhammad Socio-Economics and Demographic Characteristics of Illiterate Women Ph.D.
Rana Saba A Sociological Study of Superstitions Among Literate and Illiterate People of Karachi Ph.D.
Farhat Faridi Family Dynamics and Child Labour Ph.D.
Tajdar Bano House of Atimad-ud-Dowish its role in Moghal History M.Phil
Noor Jahan Muhammadi Bahadur Yar Jang and his Mission M.Phil
Ikramuddin Qidwai The Court Life Under the Nawabs of Oudh (1754-1797) Ph.D.
Lossiete Oracion Constitution Making in Pakistan (1947-56) Ph.D.
Cesar P. Pobre Role of Political Parties in Pakistan (1947-58) Ph.D.
Abdullah Mubashir al-Terazi Al-Husaini Tarik Nuhda-Tul Itiaqafiyah Fi Bilad Al-Sind Fi Ahd AlHukkam Al-Umyayeen Wa Al Abbasen (History of Renaissance in Sindh During the Period of Umaides and Abbasides from 416 A.D to 492 A.H) Ph.D
Azimushan Haider History of Karachi with Special Reference to Educational and Cultural Development (1839-1900) Ph.D
Ansar Zahid Khan Social and Political History of Sindh under the Moghals Ph.D
Asma Ibrahim Indus Greek Coins: A New Perspective Ph.D
Farooq-e-Azam Cheema Organisations and Management of Karachi Port Trust Prospect and Progress Ph.D
Abdul Hamid El-Hashmi The Arab Character Ph.D
S. Sajid Husain Pakistan Me Sanvi School Ke Nisab Ka Irtiqa (1947 - 1984) Ph.D
Afifa Khatoon The Effects of Father's Absence on the Academic Achievement of Children M.Phil
M. Farooq Anjum Iqbal Kay Fikir Ka Talimi Momamraat Wa Mushtamalaat Ka Tayun: Ak Tahqiqi Mutaliya M.Phil
Safdar Ali Najmi Quaid-i-Azam Kay Afkaar Ki Roshani Main Pakistan Kay Nizam-e-Talim Ka Jaiza M.Phil
Shagufta Shahzadi Perceptions of Disability Expectations and Aspirations about the Disabled Children and the Problem Faced by the Family and Siblings of Mentally Retaireded Children Residing in Karachi Ph.D
Fatima Razi A Study of the Correlates of Educational Effectiveness at the College level Ph.D
M. Jamaluddin Karachi Aur Lahore Kay Intermediate Colleges Kay Principals Ki Intizami Karkarddgi Ka Taqabli Ja'iza Ph.D
M. Yaqub Khan Education: Thought of Alghazali and Some Modern Trends in Education Ph.D
Muhammad Sajidin An Economic Study of Production and Marketing Problems of Poultry Industry of Karachi M.Phil
Javed Iqbal Khan Development Ranking of Districts of Azad Jummu and Kashmir M.Phil
Ayub Khan Mehar A Farecasting Model of Public Finance: An Experience from the Pakistan Economy M.Phil
Muhammad Mubarik Sulehri Determinants of Residential Location in the City of Karachi M.Phil
Iffat Ara Export Performance, its Determinants and Relationship with Economic Growth : The Case of Pakistan M.Phil
Farooq Arby Income Tax Audit Schemes and the Extent of Tax Evasion in Pakistan: A Theoretical Analysis M.Phil
Norman Joseph Adams Historical Presentation and Analysis of Pakistan's Export Trade with the United States and Suggestions for Augmenting its Total Export Earnings Ph.D
Ashfaq Hussain Qadri A Study of Pakistan's Exchange Rate Policy in Relation to the Coutnry's Balance of Payments (July 1948 - June 1968) Ph.D
Kaisar Bangali Wala Temporal and Regional Decomposition of the National Accounts of Pakistan Ph.D
Muhammad Nadeem Extraction, Exploration and Demand Forecasting for Aquarium Fishes from Pakistan Ph.D
Birjees Ashraf An Inter-Temporal Comparison of the Gender Wage Gap in Pakistan and A Comparison with Other Countries Ph.D
Syed Saleh Jaleel Normative Study of the Rorschach on College Students in Pakistan. Ph.D
Eva Hasan Standardization of Draw-A-Person (DAP) Test in Pakistan. Ph.D
Khalida Shafi Psycho-Social Risk Factors of Heroin Abuse in Pakistan Ph.D
Zeenat Ismail Determinants of Remainers and Terminators in Psychotheraphy Ph.D
Seema Cochin Wala Vulnerability to Anxiety in Adults as a Function of Loss as Early Traumatic Experience. Ph.D
Sohaila Raees Norming of the Thematic Apperception Test in Pakistan Ph.D
Samira Meniar Personality Characteristics of Psychotherapists and their Effect on Therapeutic Outcome Ph.D
Nargis Sardar Study of Relationships Among Childhood Paternal Loss, Sex-Role Orientation, Self-Esteem and Locus of Control in Male and Female Students Ph.D.
Saiqa Khan Moderator Variables in Vulnerability to Anxiety : Social Support and Resilience Ph.D.
Musarrat Tamiz Frequency of Hostility and Hostility Anxiety Responses in remainers and terminators in Psychotherapy Ph.D.
Ghaus-ur-Rehman Psychological Risk, Factors in Disorders of the Cardiovascular System Ph.D.
Shaista Shahen Zafar The Role of Britain in Indo-Pakistan Conflicts during 1947 and 1971 with Special Reference to the 1965 and 1971 Wars. M.Phil
Shaikh Ziauddin Problems and Prospects of the Single European Market: It's Implications for Pakistan Ph.D.
Tasneem Sultana German Ittihad Key Europe Par Asraat Ka Tajziati Jaiza Ph.D.
Moonis Ahmer European Security System in Post Helsinki Accords Period: A Model for South Asia Ph.D.
Naveed Ahmad Tahir The Non-Alignment Movement and the Neutral Countries of Europe: Parallelisms and Contrasts; with Implications of a Non-Aligned or Neutral Status for Pakistan Ph.D.
Syed Imdad Shah Yugoslavia's Role in the Non-Aligned Movement Ph.D.
Nasim Shah Sherazi An Analysis of Pakistan's Poverty Problem and its Alleviation through Infaq Ph.D.
Sanep Ahmed Scheme Differenciation for a Comprehensive and Equitable Takaful Business "with Reference to Takaful Business in Malaysia" Ph.D.
Salman Ahmed A General Equilibrium Model of Customs Union Among Muslim Countries Ph.D.
Elmi. M Nur Report on Riba Versus Profit-Sharing Theoretical Foundations and Policy Implications in Islamic Prospectives Ph.D.
Qamar Zafar The Impact of Higher Education on Manpower Planning and Economic Development in Pakistan M.Phil
Dost Mohammad Tareen A Comparative Analysis and Critical Evaluation of Educational Policies of 1972-1978 M.Phil
Hamid Sarfaraz Urbanism, Ethnicity and Alienation: A Multidimensional Study of Balochistan M.Phil
Zahid Ali Khan Indo-Iranian Relations Since Islamic Revolution 1979 and its Impact on Pakistan M.Phil
Musarrat Jabeen Dynamics of International Economic Relations Since 1990 and its Impact on Third World M.Phil
Muhammad Zia-ud-Din Mughal-Safavide Rivalries. A Case Study of Qandahar, during 1526-1653 M.Phil
Pervaiz Ahmed Quetta Municipal Corporation - A Case Study of its Organisation and Working M.Phil
Abdul Razzaq Sabir Comparative Study of Blochi and Barhui Language. Ph.D.
Mansoor Akbar Kundi Revolution in Afghanistan: A Case Study of its Causes and Effects Ph.D.
Suhail Iqbal Mughal Political Awakening in Pakistan - The Bhutto Factor M.Phil
Syed Mazhar Hussain Indian Nuclear Policy in the 1990's M.Phil
Malik Qasim Mustafa Our Common Future: Environmental Security in the New Millennium M.Phil
Faisal Saeed Cheema Arms Control in South Asia: Problems and Prospects M.Phil
Fazal Sher Congress Rule in the NWFP (1937-1939) M.Phil
Fazlur Rahman Ansari Code of Islamic Morals and its Metaphysical Background, Based on the Holy Quran Ph.D.
Ishrat Waheed Akhtar Doctor Khalifa Abdul Hakim Ka Imrani Falsafa Ph.D.
Muhammad Arshad Bajwa The Effect of Changes in Household Income on Consumption Allocation Decision M.Phil
Safana Shaheen Economics of Scale and Scope in Banking Sector of Pakistan M.Phil
Amtual Hafeez Determinants of Female Labour Force Participation Decision for Educated Married Women: A Case Study of the District Mandi Bahauddin M.Phil
Sibtain Tahira Role of United Nations in Disputes-A Case Study of Kashmir M.Phil
Muhammad Mehroof Khan Impact of Land Reforms on Technological Change and Substitution Possibilities in Pakistan M.Phil
Mohammed Fakhrul Hoda Siddiqui An Analysis of the Role of Orangi Pilot Project in the Process of Social Change in a Community M.Phil
Shabbir Ahmad Economic Analysis of Factor Productivity in Large Scale Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan M.Phil
Syed Ali Tahir Raza Kazmi Measuring the Performance and Development of Emerging Stock Markets M.Phil
Mah Nazir Riaz A Study of Distinction Between Intelligence and Creativity and Some of Their Correlates Among A Group of Pakistani Children Ph.D.
Sohail Zafar Qureshi Evidence on Economic Efficiency in the Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan: A Comparison Across Alternative Ownership States of Firms M.Phil
Anser Sultan Dividend Policy and Stock Market Behaviour of Firms in Pakistan M.Phil
Rubina Roohi Indian Stand on Kashmir - An Analysis M.Phil
Nazir Muhammad Gardezi Kabul's Non-Governmental Newspapers During Freedom of the Press (1960s) M.Phil
Abdul Hamid Malik Socio-Economic and Political Factors Related to the Impelled Afghan Migration to Pakistan 1978 - 84 Ph.D.
Shaukat Hussain Islam: Its Growth and Evolution in Central Asia. M.Phil
Fazal ur Rahim Marwat The Basmachi Movement in Soviet Central Asia (A Study of Political Development) M.Phil
Hafiz Muhammad Adil Alexander Burnes and the Navigation of the Indus Ph.D.
Hidayat Ullah Naeem Islamic Literature in Pushto Ph.D.
Farzana Hamayun Zia's Afghan Policy 1977-1988 M.Phil
Ikram Ahmad Butt Lord Curzon and the Indian States 1899-1905 Ph.D.
Muhammad Arif Mahmood Women Activism in Pakistan: A Case Study of the Zia Era M.Phil
Zaghuam Abbas Iskandar Mirza: A Political Study M.Phil
Tabassum Naz Pakistan's Afghan Policy Under Junejo M.Phil
Khalil-ur-Rehman The Impact of Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs) on Human Development: A Case Study of India M.Phil
Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Ashraf Peace Process at State and Society Level: A Case Study of India and Pakistan M.Phil
Murad Baseer India's Strategic Policy in South Asia M.Phil
Raja Ishtiaq Ahmed Janjua Pakistan Saudi Arabia Relations 1947-1997 An Historical Analysis M.Phil
Farah Naz The Afghan Refugees in Islamabad: Social, Cultural, Educational and Economic Conditions M.Phil
Zia-ur-Rehman Role of Iran and Pakistan in Afghan Conflict 1979-2000 M.Phil
Khurram Shahzad Problems of Regional Cooperation in South Asia: A Case Study of SAARC M.Phil
Kakakhel Muhammad Nazir Conceptual and Institutional Development of State in Early Islam (622-661 A.D.) Ph.D.
Himayatullah Economic Analysis of Post Harvest Farm Level Wheat Losses in Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan Ph.D.
Rehana Siddiqui Investment Behaviour in Pakistan M.Phil
Wali Ullah Carpet Industry in NWFP - With Special Reference to Peshawar M.Phil
Babar Aziz Estimating Consumer Demand System Using Time Series Data of Pakistan M.Phil
Mahmood-ul-Hasan Khan Allocative Efficiency in the Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan M.Phil
Tazeen Fasih Determinants of Child Labor and their Earnings Profiles in Punjab, Pakistan M.Phil
Asma Haider Public Private Wage Differential in Pakistan M.Phil
Fatima Ambreen Mujahid Estimating Consumer Demand of Selected Food Items in Pakistan M.Phil
M. Adnan Aziz Estimation of Consumer Demand Elasticities for Selected Non-Food Items in Pakistan M.Phil
S. Khalid Zareef Substitutability Allocative Efficiency and Technical Change in Pakistan's Agriculture M.Phil
Adiqa Kausar Kiani Measuring Technical Efficiency of Commercial Banks in Pakistan M.Phil
Bushra Yasmin Estimating of Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Some Selected Developing Countries M.Phil
Shirin Aslam Digital Technology: Regulations and Diffusion of Mobile Telephone in Some Selected Asian Countries M.Phil
Ghulam Mustafa Sajid Inflationary Process and Fiscal Deficit in Pakistan: An Empirical Analysis M.Phil
Javed Humayun Measurement of Income Inequality in Pakistan: An Updated Analysis M.Phil
Allauddin Marwat An Empirical Analysis of Fiscal Imbalances in Pakistan: 1972-1992 M.Phil
Khaula Faizi International Capital Mobility and Saving Investment Relationship: Some Evidence from South Asian Countries M.Phil
M. Arif Sargana International Evidence on Economic Growth and Human Resources M.Phil
Tahir Mahmood The Relative Usefulness of Monetary and Fiscal Policies in Economic Stablization of Pakistan's Economy (1994) M.Phil
Fayyaz Ahmad Relationship between Economics Growth and Environmental Quality: A Cross-Country Study M.Phil
Lubna Shahnaz Impact of Male Migration on Female Decision Making M.Phil
Abdul Majeed Analysis of Telecommunication Sector: Efficiency and Regulatory Reforms M.Phil
Afnana Naseem Analysis of Enrollment Patterns in Pakistan M.Phil
Khalida Jamil Determinants of Female Labour Force Participation in Pakistan: Empirical Analysis of Input M.Phil
Syed Sajid Ali Financial Liberalization, Money Demand and Monetary Policy in Pakistan M.Phil
Sabiha Khanum Exports and Employment: A Case Study of Pakistan M.Phil
Muhammad Junaid Production Relation in Selected Manufacturing Industries of Pakistan M.Phil
Nasir Ali Impacts of Dependency Burdens and Foreign Capital Inflows on National Savings Behaviour in Pakistan M.Phil
M. Badaruz Zaman Risk, Returns and Stock Market Behaviour: A Case Study of Karachi Stock Exchange M.Phil
Muhammad Idrees The Production Relations in the Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan M.Phil
Rashida Haq Inequality in Income, Expenditure and Welfare in Pakistan M.Phil
Shahid Mansoor Hashmi Relationship of Stock Prices with Economic Variables M.Phil
Amber Naz An Empirical Investigation of Catching up Hypothesis in Endogenous Growth Models M.Phil
Anis Haider Hamdani The Effects of Foreign Investment on the Economy of Pakistan M.Phil
Azma Batool Household Consumption Behaviour: Issues in Specification and Estimation of Engel Equation M.Phil
Farkhanda Shamim Varying Coefficient Estimation of Household Expenditure Functions M.Phil
Farzana Naheed Real Exchange Rate and Purchasing Power Parity: The Asian Experience M.Phil
Mirza Muhammad Shahzad Technological Spillovers of Foreign Capital in Models of Economic Growth M.Phil
Nisar Ahmed Measurement of Efficiency in the Banking Sector of Pakistan M.Phil
Nusrat Sultana Estimation of Allocative Efficiency in Pakistan's Agriculture: A Profit Function Approach M.Phil
Qazi Abdul Subhan Foreign Direct Investment, International Trade and Economic Growth in Pakistan M.Phil
Rubina Hassan Cyclical Behaviour of Macroeconomic Time Series in Pakistan M.Phil
Dawood Mamoon An Analysis of Stock Market Return and Volatility at Karachi Stock Markets M.Phil
Hajra Bibi Relationship of Economic and Financial Variables with the Stock Market Performance M.Phil
M. Ali Qasim Stock Market Volatility in Pakistan: An Empirical Analysis M.Phil
M. Tariq Majeed Determinants of FDI and Exports: A Cross-Sectional Study M.Phil
Muhammad Munir An Optimal Revenue Extraction from Seigniorage in Pakistan M.Phil
Saeed Anwar Janjua The Analysis of Exchange Rates Movements: A Cross-Country Study M.Phil
Shahbaz Nasir The Macroeconomics Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Pakistan's Economy M.Phil
Shazia Kousar Impact of Migration on Child Education and Gender Disparity: A Case Study of Tehsil Daska M.Phil
Tasneem Akhtar Empirical Analysis of Input Flexibility in Manufacturing Sector in Pakistan M.Phil
Tahir Hijazi Determinants of Investment in the Corporate Sector of Pakistan M.Phil
Muhammad Najib An Analysis of the Determinants of Major Crops in Selected Regions/Districts of Punjab M.Phil
Anees Javed Education Planning in Pakistan: A Linear Programming Exercise M.Phil
Israrul Haq Prospects of Developing a Food Belt Around the Rapidly Developing City of Islamabad M.Phil
Shafqat Mukhtar Economics of Education: Some Specified Aspects M.Phil
Kaukab Hassan Naqvi Estimation of Profit Function and Relative Economic Efficiency M.Phil
Navila Sadaf Household Savings Behavior in Life Cycle Hypothesis M.Phil
Sajid Shafiq Mufti Estimation of Translog Cost Function for the Agriculture Sector of Pakistan M.Phil
Abdul Saboor Sandhu Human Resource Development and Economic Growth: A Cross Country Analysis M.Phil
Sultan Mahmood Income Inequality and Impact of Macroeconomic Policies on Income Distribution in Pakistan M.Phil
Syed Salman Rizvi New Growth Theories: Tests for Developing Countries M.Phil
Sheikh Shahbaz Ali Debt Management, Dependency and Policy Alternatives for Pakistan M.Phil
M. Javed Iqbal Dependent Growth, Foreign Borrowing and its Future Prospects: A Comparative Analysis of Pakistan and India M.Phil
Naveed Ahmad Monetary and Structural Sources of Inflation in Pakistan M.Phil
Rukhsana Parveen Technical Progress, Factors Contribution Substitution and Potential for Agricultural Growth in Pakistan M.Phil
Abdul Hamid The Management of Human Resources, Unemployment and their Prospects in Pakistan M.Phil
Ashfaq Ahmad Khan Fiscal Behavior, Taxation Structure and Growth of Public Sector in Pakistan M.Phil
Ashfaq Ahmad Qaisrani Foreign Trade, Exports Instability and Economic Growth in Pakistan M.Phil
Aurangzaib Khan Monetary Aggregates, Role of Commercial Banks and Determinants of Money Supply in Pakistan M.Phil
M. Arshad Khan Balance of Payments Disequiliberia Monetary Policy and its Economic Impacts M.Phil
Muhammad Naeem Remittance and Poverty: A Case Study of Pakistan M.Phil
S. Nisar Hussain Shah Technology Transfer and Re-Employment Patterns of Return Migrants: A Case Study of Azad Jammu and Kashmir M.Phil
Saeed-ur-Rehman Regional Economic Growth and Income Disparities in Pakistan M.Phil
Tariq Mahmood Dynanic Behavior of Investment Savings and Economic Growth in Pakistan M.Phil
Abdul Farooq Sustainability of Debt, Deficit and Inflation in Pakistan M.Phil
Shabahat Anwar Foreign Debt of South Asia and its Economic Implications M.Phil
Shoukat Ali Anwar Randhawa Socio-Economic Conditions, Constraint and Economic Behavior of Household: A Case Study of Sahiwal District M.Phil
Muhammad Saleem Pakistan's Foreign Trade: Its Instability and Future Prospects M.Phil
Amjad Naveed Patterns of Foreign Trade, Openness and Export Instability in South Asia: A Cross-Country Comparison M.Phil
Ghulam Shabbir Macroeconomic Impacts of Budget Deficit and Monetary Variables on Foreign Sector of Pakistan M.Phil
Hasan M. Mohsin Integration of Asian Markets: Some Empirical Evidence from Selected Countries M.Phil
Waheed Akram Butt Trade Liberalization, Globalization and Economic Growth in the Selected South Asian Countries M.Phil
Badshah Nawab International Migration Remittances and Economic Growth: An Empirical Analysis for Pakistan M.Phil
M. Safdar Sources of Economic Growth and Structural Changes in Pakistan: A Multi Sector Comparative Analysis M.Phil
M. Yasin Younis Janjua Business Fixed Investments: Role of Autonomous Shocks (A Stochastic Simulation Approach) M.Phil
Syed M. Zia Foreign Trade and Industrialization: An Empirical Analysis for Pakistan M.Phil
Talat Yazdani Impact of Multi Fiber Arrangement on Pakistan's Textiles and Clothing Industry with Special Reference to the United States M.Phil
Alamgir Impact of Education on Income Distribution: A Cross Country Analysis M.Phil
M. Ali Bhatti Structural Adjustment and Poverty: A Sectoral Analysis for Pakistan M.Phil
M. Jamil Shah Impact of International Migration on Consumption, Investment and Informal Financial Market: A Case Study of Pakistan M.Phil
Saeed Ahmed Sheikh The Effects of Foreign Resource Inflows on Aggregate Expenditure in Pakistan M.Phil
Abdul Majid Devaluation and Its Implications for Pakistan's Economy M.Phil
Muhammad Akram Impact of Remittances on Consumption Patterns: Using Household Income and Expenditure Survey Data 1992-93: A Case Study of Pakistan M.Phil
Ayaz Ahmed Integration of Movements in Stock Market Returns in Emerging Markets M.Phil
Javed Anwar Capital Market Segmentation: A Case Study of Emerging Stock Markets M.Phil
Muhammad Bilal Testing Money Demand Function Under Currency Substitution: A Case for Pakistan M.Phil
Shah Hussain Trade Liberalization and Exchange Rate Policy of Pakistan M.Phil
Muhammad Ramzan Akhtar Customs Union of Muslim Countries: A Case Study Based on Trade Among Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran and Saudi Arabia M.Phil
Saba Jamal Difference in Earning Structures of Males and Females in Pakistan M.Phil
Sumbal Riaz Labour Market Participation of Men and Women in Pakistan M.Phil
M. Ayub Siddiqui Pakistan's Agriculture Credit Problems and Solutions M.Phil
Najmi Yousaf Price Responsiveness of Household Demand in Pakistan M.Phil
Shehzad Mahmood Shifting of Comparative Advantage in Manufacturing Exports: Some Evidence from Pakistan M.Phil
Ghulam Hassan Baig The Production Structure in Pakistan Large Scale Manufacturing Industries (1975-76) to (1986-87) M.Phil
Irfan Saleem Some Tests for Difference of Savings Behavior in Pakistan: The Impact of Remittances M.Phil
Manzoor Hussain Production Response in Agriculture: A Case Study of Major Crops in the Selected Districts of Pakistan M.Phil
Mazhar Hussain Income Sources of the Rural Poor: An Analysis of the Household Income and Expenditure Survey Data of Pakistan M.Phil
Mohammad Ishfaq Traded Goods, Competitiveness and Aggregate Fluctuations in Pakistan's Economy M.Phil
Najam Altaf Agriculture Income Tax: Problems and Prospects: The Case of Pakistan M.Phil
Nawazish Ali Khan The Impact of Human Capital Accumulation on Agricultural Productivity in Pakistan M.Phil
Qaiser Abbas Some Tests for Differences in Socio-Economic Profile of Migrant Versus Non Migrant Household in Pakistan 1987 - 1992 M.Phil
Rawal Khan Impact of Relative Prices of Major Crops on Farmer's Decision for Acreage Allocation: A Case Study of NWFP M.Phil
Abdul Sattar Soomro The Production Relations in Selected Small Scale Industries of Pakistan M.Phil
Abdur Rehman Determinants of Public Expenditure of Pakistan 1972 - 92 M.Phil
Subhan Khatoon Gaad Employment Patterns of Urban Women: A Case Study of Karachi City M.Phil
Said Ghulam An Inquiry into the Use of Cyclerickshaw Vis-a-Vis Auto Rickshaw as Means of Local Transportation in D.I. Khan and Bahawalpur M.Phil
Naeem Sarwar Some Tests for Differences in Consumption Pattern: The Impact of Remittances Using Household Income and Expenditure Survey Data 1987-88 M.Phil
Zafar Iqbal Zahid Comparison of Modern and Traditional Means of Transportation: A Case Study of Gujranwala City M.Phil
Nadia Salam Remittance, Migration and Private Consumption in Pakistan: A Macroeconometric Study M.Phil
Syed Islam Shah Islamisation in Pakistan 1977-85 - An Analysis M.Phil
Imdad Hussain Hassan Ali Effendi and His Educational Services M.Phil
Majida Rani Problems and Prospects of the Rehabilitation of Pakistani Emigrants M.Phil
Mahboob A. Popatia Pakistan's Relations with the Soviet Union 1947-79: Study in Constraints and Compulsions M.Phil
Ghulam Qasim Liaquat Ali Khan - A Political Biography M.Phil
Ahmed Rashid Malik The Politics of the Council Muslim League 1962-69 M.Phil
Zafarul Islam Growth of Muslim Political Consciousness Developments in Indo-Pakistan Sub-Continent 1898-1940 Ph.D.
Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema Defence Policy of Pakistan, 1947-58 Ph.D.
Noorul Haq Political and Military Perspectives of the Struggle for Pakistan 1939-1947 Ph.D.
Zafarullah Khan Politics of Alliances: A Case Study of MRD M.Phil
Agha Hussain Hamdani Ethical and Political Philosophy of Sayyid Ali Hamadani M.Phil
Hafira Hamid Ali Urdu Zaban Aur Adab Ki Taraqi Main Sahafat Ka Hisa '1822-1947' 125 Sala Sahafat Ka Tahqeeqi Jaiza (The Contribution of Journalism in the Development of Urdu Language and Literature '1822-1947' - Research Analysis of 125 Years of Journalism Ph.D.
Mumtaz A. Pathan The Independent Arab Kingdom of Al-Mansurah in Sindh Ph.D.
Muhammad Qasim Soomro Muslim Politics in Sindh 1938-1947 M.Phil
Rukhsana Karim Decline and Fall of Ayub Khan M.Phil
Muhammad Abdu Haleem Chishti Islami Kutub Khanay: Dusri Sadi Hijri Say Satveen Sadi Hijri Tak (Islamic Libraries: From Second Hijri to Seventh Hijri) Ph.D.
M. Qasim Kamboh Mian Iftikhar-ud-Din: A Political Biography M.Phil
Sofia Khurshid Language and Politics in Pakistan, 1947-73 M.Phil
Muhammad Shoukat Ali The Common Trends in the Patterns of Culture of Pakistan and Bangladesh Ph.D.
Saifullah Khan Historiography of Pakistan: The Ayub Khan Era M.Phil
Syed Mumtaz Hussain Shah Sindh Madarsah-tul-Islam Jo Sindh Ji Ilmi, Abadi Aur Siyasi Tareekh May Hisso (Role of Sindh Madarsah-tul-Islam in Educational, Literary and Political Movement of Sindh) M.Phil
Ahmad Nabi Khan Multan - History and Architecture 712-1752 Ph.D.
Ghulam Taqi Bangash History of Iran-Iraq Relations 1958 - 1978 Ph.D.
Abdul Sattar Ansari Hazrat Ali Kay Daur Mein Khana Jangi (Civil War in the Time of Hazrat Ali) Ph.D.
Maskeen Ali Hijazi Khalasa Punjab Main Urdu Akhbar Naveesi (Urdu Journalism in Sikh's Punjab) Ph.D.
Ghulam Sarwar Khan Niazi The Life and Works of Sultan Alauddin Khilji Ph.D.
Muhammad Khan Panhwar Sheikh Abdul Majeed Sindhi Joon Sahaafati Khidmatoon (Political Services of Sheikh Abdul Majeed Sindhi) Ph.D.
Muhammad Shafiq Jalundhri Lahore Key Urdu Akhbarat Ka Siyasi Kirdar (Political Role of Urdu Newspapers of Lahore) Ph.D.
Mehdi Hassan The Role of the Press in the Formation of Muslim Public Opinion from 1857-1947 Ph.D.
Muhammad Yameen The Sayyids of Barah and their Role in Mughal Politics (1556 - 1857) M.Phil
Raheela Tasneem Electoral Politics in the Punjab: A Comparative Analysis of the 1970 and 1985 Elections M.Phil
Muhammad Rashid Political Impact of 1971 War on (West) Pakistan M.Phil
Muhammad Ramzan The Role of the Religio-Political Parties in the Election of 1970 M.Phil
Abdullah A Study of Planned Parenthood in the Context of Sociocultural and Economic Conditions in Pakistan Ph.D.
Yash Pal India in the Days of Gautama Ph.D.
Nafisa B. Khan Evolution of the Ideology of Pakistan and Its Poineers M.Phil
Ghania Ghafar The Impact of Ibnul-ul-Arabi and Mysticism in South Asia M.Phil
Muhammad Iqbal Chawala A Study of Islamic Writings in Pakistan M.Phil
Mumtaz Bhutto Sindh Ji Siyasi Taareekh jo Tehqiqi Jaizo M.Phil
Tahira Aftab History of the Progress and Development of Women's Education in the North-Western Provinces 1858-1900 Ph.D.
Muhammad Sarwar Abbasi Tareekh-e-Azadi Kashmir 1931 - 1947 (Kashmir Freedom Movement 1931-1947) Ph.D.
Elizabeth Staley Arid Mountain Agriculture in Northern West Pakistan (A Geographical Study) Ph.D.
Shakila Rehman Population Densities within Karachi City M.Phil
Khalilullah Qureshi Pakistan, A Geo-Military Study Ph.D.
Shaista Malik The Age Structure of Pakistan Ph.D.
Tanvir Kiyani Dynamics of Administrative Boundaries in Pakistan 1947-1987 M.Phil
Nasrin Aslam Khan Population Redistribution in Pakistan Ph.D.
Inam ullah Khan The Genesis of the Quaternary Deposits of the Vale of Peshawar South of Kabul River Ph.D.
Amir Khan A Case Study of Socio-Economic Conditions in Urban-Fringe of Peshawar M.Phil
Farhat Gulzar The Urban Fringe of Lahore City: A Functional Study Ph.D.
Usman Ali Settlement Pattern in Swat Valley Ph.D.
Ahsanullah Impact of Urbanization on Settlement Patterns in the Rural Area of Karachi Plain Ph.D.
Hussain Ahmad Structure of Manufacturing in Karachi Metropolitan Area M.Phil
Fouzia Jafferi Communication and Development net work of Communication in Two Villages of Sindh Ph.D.
Zahida Zafar Peshawar Under the British Rule Ph.D.
Ahsan Wagah The Seraiki Language: Its Growth and Development M.Phil
Sher Zaman Taizi An Analysis of the Saur Revolution Ph.D.
Raja Arshad Nazir US Policy Towards the Palestinian Question - From Camp David Accords to Intifadah M.Phil
Muhammad Ajmal Malik Constitutional Development in Afghanistan Under Nadir Shah 1929 - 1933 M.Phil
Abdullah Jan Khalil Ideological Literature of Afghanistan Since the Saur Revolution M.Phil
Hussain Gul The Administrative and Political Development of the Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan M.Phil
Shakil Ahmed Human Rights in the Soviet Union M.Phil
Ejaz Minhas Gulf Cooperation Council Security Dimension M.Phil
Ayaz Naseem Pakistan Soviet Union Relations 1947-1965 M.Phil
Attiya Naheed Nuclear Factor in Indo-Pak Relations, An Appraisal of Nuclear Programmes and Policies M.Phil
Gohar Mushtaq Bhutta Pakistan-Bangladesh Relations M.Phil
M. Mujeeb Afzal Islamic Theory of International Relations M.Phil
Shahid Hussain Javed Income In-equality in Pakistan: Some Recent Trends and Analysis M.Phil
Shabnam Bashir Rise of Central Asian Regional and Global Ramifications M.Phil
M. Yaqoob Tasadduq Post-Simla India's Kashmir Strategy M.Phil
Iram Saher Indo-U.S. Relations after Cold War M.Phil
Arshad Hussain Bhatti Environmentalism: A New Agenda of Intarnational Relations M.Phil
Ayesha Zulfiqar Human Rights and American Foreign Policy: A Third World Perspective M.Phil
Uzma Rehman Constitutional Changes and Political Stability in Pakistan, 1985-94 M.Phil
Saima Ashraf Kiyani Islam Vs Nationalism: A Case Study of Tajikistan M.Phil
Sarah Inayatullah Democratization in Pakistan 1985-1995 M.Phil
Marvi Kadir Personality and Foreign Policy: A Case Study of Indo-Pakistan Relations during Indira Ghandhi's Regime 1966-84 M.Phil
Laila Zaidi Sino-American Relations in the Post Cold War Era M.Phil
Zafar Nawaz Iqbal NPT Regime: A Case Study of India and Pakistan Responses M.Phil
Rafaat Yahya Islamic Revivalism: A Case Study of the Rifah Party in Turkey M.Phil
M. Ibrahim Khan The Chinese Role in the Indo-Pak Wars of 1965-1971 M.Phil
Z.A Qureshi Islam Vs Nationalism in Central Asia: A Case Study of Uzbekistan M.Phil
Amber Saeed Ethnic Politics in Karachi: A Case Study of Muhajir Qaumi Movement (MQM) M.Phil
Naseem Sahrai Tajikistan: Islam Vs. Nationalism M.Phil
Abdul Khaliq Sir Syed Ahmed Khan on Nature, Man and God Ph.D.
Saeeda Khatoon The Development of Islamic Rationalism in the Sub-Continent with Special Reference to Waliullah. Syed Ahmad Khan and Muhammad Iqbal Ph.D.
Shahida Parveen A Thematic Analysis of Popular Urdu Short Stories (For Adults) in Terms of Certain Social Motives (In 2 Volumes) M.Phil
Talat Ambreen Qazi Power and Affiliation Oriented Attitudes M.Phil
Alay Ahmad Effects of Television Programmes and Commercial Spot Messages on Children M.Phil
Sarah Shahid Development of a Test for Assessing Acquisition of Science Concepts in Secondary School Students M.Phil
Samra Ashfaq Role of Communication in the Formation of Sterotypes Among the College-Going Students M.Phil
Samina Ashfaq Differences in Personality Variables and Levels of Anxiety in Female Patients with Conversion Reaction and other Neuroses M.Phil
Maher Bano An Analysis of Themes of Children's Readers in Urdu in Terms of Achievement, Affiliation and Power Motives in Pakistan Ph.D.
Farzana Bibi Relationship(s) of Anti-Democratic Trends with Some Personality Factors M.Phil
Nasim Jadoon A Study of the Relationship between "Achievement-Oriented" and "Failure-Avoidance Oriented" Attitudes Through Moghni's My-3 Scale Among a Sample of Peshawar University in Pakistan M.Phil
Syeda Farhana Jahangir A Study of the Therapeutic Effects of Faith and Mentors in Mental Health Problems Ph.D.
Rifat Shaukatullah Khan A Study of Social-Emotional Maturity and Child Rearing Practices of Working and Non-Working Urban Women M.Phil
Sohaila Khan Sex Differences in Field Dependence and Socialization in a Group of Pakistani Children M.Phil
Dost Mohammad Khanzada Development of Religious Concept in Pakistani Muslim Children of Primary Classes M.Phil
Syeda Farha Iqbal Women's Anxiety: A Function of Profession MPhil
Syed Azhar Ali Rizvi Muslim Tradition in Psychotherapy and Modern Trends Ph.D.
Naseem Aziz A Cross-Cultural Study of Child Rearing Practices and Their Effect on Personality Development Ph.D.
Nasim Sahibzada Content Analysis of Popular Pushto Short Stories (For Adults) in Terms of Achievement, Affiliation and Power Motives M.Phil
Ghulam Sarwar Resistance in Implementation of Family Planning Programme in Pakistan Ph.D.
Muhammad Shafiq The Self-Concept of Herion Addicts as Compared to Non-Addicts M.Phil
Syeda Farhat Sultana Survey of Study Habits in High School Students Ph.D.
Rahat Taj A Study of the Relationship of Individual Psychology with Family Ph.D.
Saifur Rehman Ullah The Impact of Culture Conflict on Identity with an Emphasis on Pakistan Ph.D.
Qurratul Ain Women in American Politics: The Case Of Geraldine Ferraro's Candidature as Vice President M.Phil
Sabra Butt Women Movement in 20th Century America: 1945-84 M.Phil
Shahina Faruqi Bangladesh Crisis and the United States M.Phil
Agha Zahid Hilali Pakistan's Entry Into the American Sponsored Multi Lateral Alliances Security, Political and Economic Compulsions M.Phil
Muhammad Islam US Policy Toward Afghanistan Crisis, 1973-84 M.Phil
Muhammad Rashid Khalid The US Nuclear Policy and the Third World: A Case Study of South Asia M.Phil
Raja M. Azad Khan United States and the Kashmir Dispute M.Phil
Rukhsana Rauf Orakzai US Policy Towards Afghanistan Since the Saur Revolution M.Phil
Farhat Parveen Evolution of American Constitution Through the Decision of the Supreme Court M.Phil
Ghulam Qumber Afghanistan as a Factor in US-Pakistan Relations, 1979-88 M.Phil
M. Jamil Raza Nuclear Proliferation as a Factor in the US-Pakistan Relations 1977-87 M.Phil
Noman Omar Sattar The US and European Security 1945-75 M.Phil
Nadeem Siddiqui Cold War in Latin America: A Case Study of US-Cuban Relations 1959-1970 M.Phil
Syeda Sultana American Policy Towards UN in 1980s as Reflected in Financial Contributions M.Phil
Nabeeha Qadeer Afghanistan Crisis and Its Implications for Pakistan M.Phil
Irshad Ahmad Rural Works Programme in NWFP: A Critical Examination of its Working and Performance 1979 to 1990 M.Phil
Akbar Ali Impact of the Growth of Cotton Textile Industry on the Economy of Sindh Ph.D.
Syeda Zia Al-Jalaly A Critical Study of the Project Appraisal Management and Control System in Pakistan: An Exercise in Evaluation Ph.D.
Syeda Zia Al-Jalaly Problems and Prospects in the Production and Marketing of Virginia Tobacco with Special Reference to NWFP M.Phil
Muhammad Fayyaz Arshad Household Consumption Pattern in Pakistan M.Phil
Kamal Abdul Aziz Khader Arif Human Capital Formation (A Case Study of Pakistan) M.Phil
Marwan Rashid A. Aziz Investment Strategy in Pakistan in Retrospect 1955-70 Ph.D.
Mirza Amjad Ali Baig An Economic Analysis of the Refugee Problem in West Pakistan Ph.D.
Ubaidullah Bhatti Economics of Production and Marketing of Fresh Sweet Water Fish in Sindh M.Phil
Zakir Hussain The Development of Rural Banking in the Hyderabad Division Ph.D.
Muhammad Ilyas Cost Behaviour in Cotton Textile Industry of Pakistan M.Phil
Azad Jeetun Pakistan's Tax System Structure, Elasticity, Incidence and Fiscal Effect Ph.D.
Jehanzeb An Analysis of Socio-Economic and Institutional Factors Determining Producitivity Levels in Different Farm Sizes in NWFP M.Phil
S.N. Kaul Economic Development in Kashmir State: A Ground Work of Economic History of Kashmir Brought Down from Earliest Time to its Present Day Economic Problems Ph.D.
Jhanbaz Khan Industrial Investment in NWFP: A Study in Evaluation M.Phil
Muhammad Ahmad Khan A Study of Land Reforms in Pakistan with Particular Reference to the North West Frontier Province M.Phil
Muhammad Sami Khan Economics of Cotton Cultivation in the Khairpur Hyderabad and Karachi Division Ph.D.
Saliheen Khan Socio-Economic Impact of Watershed Management Pilot Project in Hazara M.Phil
Shabir Ahmad Khan Issues Involved in the Utilization and Reclamation of the Culturable Waste Land in NWFP: An Analysis of Potentials, Problems and Prospects (1983 to 1989) M.Phil
Muhammad Sarfraz Khan Lashari Determinants of Educational Attainment in Selected Rural Areas of Pakistan M.Phil
Noor Ahmad Memon Role of Minerals in the Industrial Development of Sindh Ph.D.
Noor Ahmad Memon Economics of the Minerals Resources of Sindh M.Phil
Muhammad Naeem Pattern of Industrialization in the North-West Frontier Province M.Phil
Shehla Nasrin Establishing the Feasibility of Industrial Projects with Case Studies M.Phil
Syed Abdul Qadir Use of Price Indices as Deflator in National Accounts of Pakistan M.Phil
Abdul Qayyum An Evaluation of Agricultural Credit Programme of Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan in NWFP (1975 - 1986) M.Phil
Riffat Shahin Qazi Trends in the Major Groups of NWFP M.Phil
Akhund Mushtaq Ahmad Qureshi Marketing of Cotton and Seasonal Price Trends in Sindh Ph.D.
Shahnaz Rauf Economics of Scale in Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan (An Inferal Evidence 1975 - 1976) M.Phil
I.S. Sachdeva Banking in the Punjab Ph.D.
Ghulam Muhammad Sheikh An Empirical Study of Cooperative Banking in Pakistan Ph.D.
Makhdoom Abdul Sami Siddiqui Production of Sugarcane and Economics of Sugar Industry in Sindh Ph.D.
John Staley Economy and Society in Dardistan, Traditional Systems and the Impact of Change Ph.D.
Naheed Sultana Returns to Education in the Informal Sector: A Case Study of Selected Cities of Pakistan M.Phil
M. Hussein Mahmood Al. Wadi A Comparative Study of Islamic Banking in Jordan and Pakistan Ph.D.
Muhammad Yusaf Monetary Approach to Balance of Payment Adjustment: A Case Study of Pakistan M.Phil
Zulkaif Ahmad Evaluation of Effectiveness of an Improved Method of Teaching English to 9th Grade Students Ph.D.
Nighat Shaheen Depression and Women's Occupations MPhil
Shazia Gul An Analysis of Students' Problem and Their Relationship with Need Achievement MPhil
Abdul Karim Abid A Study of the Effect of Supplementary Reading Approach of Teaching English on Comprehension, Reading Speed and Interest at Tenth Grade Level Ph.D.
Jannat Akhtar A Programme for Higher Female Education in Sindh Ph.D.
Akbar Ali A Comparison of Programmed Instruction and Conventional Method of Teaching Algebra to Ninth Grade Students Ph.D.
Sabir Ali Alvi Traditional and Culture Fair Aptitute Test Performance of College Students From Different Academic and Cultural Backgrounds Ph.D.
Nizamuddin Amjad Development and Validation of Competency-Based Teacher Education (CBTE) Programme for Prospective Secondary School Science (Physics) Teachers in Pakistan Ph.D.
Saeed Anwar A Study of the Effect of Training in Reversibility on Conservation of Number and Quantity Ph.D.
Manzoor H. Arif A Comparative Study of Conservers and Nonconservers on Some Piagetian Tasks with Respect to Intelligence, School Achievement and Socioeconomic Status Ph.D.
Abdur Rashid Arshad Measurement of the Development of Attitude Towards Teaching Profession Among the Student Teachers in the Two Year Programmes of the Institute of Education and Research, University of the Punjab, Lahore. PhD
Muhammad Ashraf An Evaluation of the Existing Supervisory Practices in Elementary Schools Ph.D.
Ayub Study to Develop a Unit of Programme Learning in General Science for (Grades VI and to Validate) Ph.D.
Abdul Rashid Azad Construction and Validation of a Group Intelligence Test for Classes IX and X Ph.D.
Donald Dean Bennett Selected Attributes which Influence Commitment to Teaching of Female Elementary Teachers with Different Preparational Backgrounds Ph.D.
Allah Ditta Butt A Study of Pre-Service Teachers Education Programme for the Elementary Teachers in the Punjab Ph.D.
Dil Nawaz Butt The Development and Application of Selected Criteria for Writing Elementary School Mathematics Textbooks Ph.D.
Muhammad Iqbal Chaudhry Development of a Model Education Policy for Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Islamic Perspective Ph.D.
Zahida Chughtai An Investigation into the Nature and Causes of Difficulties in Learning English by the Students at the Secondary Level Ph.D.
M. Marvine Cole An Appraisal of the Master of Education Program at the Institute of Education and Research, University of the Punjab Ph.D.
John Woodrow Eaton Problems Encountered in Business Writing Ph.D.
Muhammad A. El-Naggar A Comparative Study of Mathematics Programs in Egypt and the United States (Grades 7, 8 and 9) Ph.D.
Muhammad Ali Farjad Re-Designing of Primary Teacher Education in Iran Ph.D.
Rahmat Ali Farooq A Comparative Study of Effectiveness of Problem Solving Appraoch and Traditional Approach of Teaching Social Studies to Secondary School Students Ph.D.
Kaneez Fatima Hukumat Ki Lisani Hikmat-e-Amli Aur Nizam-e-Talim Aik Tarikhi Wa Tanqeedi Jaiza (Government's Linguistic Strategy and Educational System: A Critical Analysis) M.Phil
Irshad Ahmad Ferrukh The Effects of Training in Interaction Analysis on the Verbal Behaviour of Prospective Teachers Ph.D.
Mushtaq Ahmad Goraha A Study of the Process of Curriculum Change in Secondary School Science in West Pakistan During 1967-68 Ph.D.
S. A Ghaffar A Study of the Development of Higher Education with Special Reference to University Education in Pakistan During the Period 1960-83 Ph.D.
Syed Abdul Ghaffar A Comparative Study of the Pilot, Comprehensive and Ordinary Secondary Schools in the Punjab Province of Pakistan Ph.D.
Muhammad Sharif Hafiz A Proposed Program of Inservice Education for Teachers with Special Reference to Improving the Teaching of the Language Arts in the Primary Schools of Pakistan Ph.D.
Ikramul Haq A Normative and Comparative Study of the Rorschach with Normal and Abnormal Adults Ph.D.
Iftikhar N. Hassan The Body Image and Personality Correlates of Body Type Stereotypes Ph.D.
Muhammad Ibrahim Khawaja A Study of the Role of Secondary School Heads in Pakistan as Perceived by Heads Themselves, Supervisors and Teachers Ph.D.
Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Development of a Teacher Training Model in Islamic Perspective Ph.D.
Muhammad Jamaluddin Karachi Kay Saanvi Jamaetoon Kay Tulba Wa Talbat Kay Samaji Pas-e-Manzir Main Unkee Tahleemi Karkardagi Ka Jaiza (A Rreview of the Performance of Secondary School Students of Karachi in their Social background) M.Phil
Muhammad Ibrahim Khalid Effectiveness of Microteaching Training for Developing Teaching Skills of Prospective Teachers Ph.D.
Fazal Muhammad Khan Curriculum Principles Applied to High Schools in the Western Unit of Pakistan with Particular Reference to Mathematics Ph.D.
Shahbaz Khan A Study of the Effect of Training on Transition from Concrete to Formal Cognitive Functioning Ph.D.
Zulfiqar Ali Khan A Study of the Existing Teaching Practices of the Business Teachers in Government Commercial Training Institute of Pakistan and Development of an Inservice Programme Ph.D.
Nasim A. Lodhi Comparative Study of the Effects of Bilingualism and Monolingualism Upon Intelligence and Achievement of Children Ph.D.
Allah Bakhsh Malik A Study of Inter-Relationship of Plagstian Normal Operations, Self Perception and Environmental Percept Ph.D.
Din Muhammad Malik Philosophical and Sociological Implications of the Report of the Commission on National Education for Pakistan 1959 Ph.D.
Muhammad Mirza A Study on the Identification of the Factors which Influence Curriculum Implementation at Secondary Stage Ph.D.
Muhammad Shafi Mirza Dore-e-Mughliya Main Hindustan Key Nizam-e-Tahleem Ka Tahqeeqi Jaiza Ph.D.
Khushi Muhammad A Study of Relevance of the Curriculum of Vocational Subjects at Secondary School Level in Pakistan to the Requirment of the Industry Ph.D.
Sheikh Muizzuddin Comparative Study of Personality Characteristics of Teachers in Training in Culturally Different Areas of West Pakistan Ph.D.
Zubeda Zafar Omer A Hypothesis for Teaching Urdu to Bilingual Children in Pakistan Ph.D.
Rafi Muhammad An Investigation for the Development of Evaluative Criteria for Boy's High Schools of Lahore Region Ph.D.
M.Y. Rehmawi Methodology of Ethical Education in Islam Ph.D.
Allah Rakha Saghir A Study of the Relationship of Need Achievement with School Achievement, Intelligence and Socio Economic Status of Class Nine Urban Students Ph.D.
Muhammad Aslam Khaki An Investigation into Piaget's Concept of Development of Moral Judgement Among Pakistani Children of Grades IV, VI, VIII and X Ph.D.
Mushtaq ur Rehman Siddiqui An Evaluation of the Leadership Styles, Traits, and Competencies of Secondary School Heads in Pakistan Ph.D.
Ahmad Yusaf Tall Political, Economic and Social Conditions Influencing the Development of System of Education in Jordan (1921-1967) Ph.D.
Winfried Wolter The Shortage of Skilled Local Craftsman with Province of Baluchistan: Status, Problems and a Proposed Solution Ph.D.
Muhammad Arif Zia A Study of the Role of Education in Rural Development Ph.D.
S. Iqbal Ahmad Strategic Importance of Balochistan in the Wake of Afghan Crisis Ph.D.
Shakil Ahmad Afghan Resistance: A Critical Study M.Phil
Aiza Aslam Pakistan - US Relations in the 1980s M.Phil
Syed Mansurul Bari Anglo-Sikh Relations Ph.D.
Muhammad Farooq South Asian Regional Cooperation Problem and Prospects M.Phil
Masroor Mohsin Gilani Environment and International Sustainable Development M.Phil
Assad Homayoun Pakistan and China: A Political Study Ph.D.
Rizwanul Qamar Islamic Resurgence - A Case Study of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt M.Phil
Ahmad M. Salama The Middle East Crisis From 1967 Till 1973 with Special Reference to the Palestine Problem Ph.D.
Tahir Sohail Opposition and Foreign Policy Formulation in Pakistan 1988-1990 M.Phil
Mian Asad Haya Uddin The Decision Making Approach - Pakistan's Afghan Policy 1974-91 M.Phil
Muhammad Nasar Ullah Wullar Barrage Issue - An Analysis M.Phil
Syed Azhar Ali All India Muslim Students Federation: Its Ideology, Leaders and Achievements Ph.D.
Muhammad Arif Pak Baharat Taulqat 1972 - 1982 (Pak-India Relations 1972-82) Ph.D.
Farhat Imrana Aslam Constitutional Development in Pakistan 1960-1972 Ph.D.
Sarfaraz Ahmad Bhatti Religious Movements in Sindh in the Pre-Akbar Times Ph.D.
Saheb Khan Chano The Movement for Separation of Sindh from the Bombay Presidency 1847-1937 Ph.D.
Fadi Adil Shumail Islamic Political System (In Arabic) Ph.D.
Mohsin Farooqi Study of Local Government Institutions in Sindh During British Period (1843 - 1947) M.Phil
Syed Ahmad Hussain Gilani Jamaat-e-Islami 1941-1947 Ph.D.
Abdul Hamid Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and the Genesis of the Muslim Separatist Movement in Politics: An Interpretation Ph.D.
Muhammad Hamid Political Impact of Tehrik-i-Mujahideen in Early 20th Century Ph.D.
Syed Humayun Federalism in Pakistan: A Case Study of Sheikh Mujib's 6-Points Formula Ph.D.
Syed Ahmaduddin Hussain R.C.D - A Study of its Organisation and Working, 1964-1975 M.Phil
Faqir Hussain Judicial Protection of Personal Liberty and the Law of Preventive Detention in Pakistan Ph.D.
Arshad Karim Syed Ideology, Leadership and Jehad as Agents of Political Movement - Case Study of the Nineteenth Century Bihar Ph.D.
Abdul Hameed Khan Islamisation, Islamic Ideology and its Implementation in Pakistan (1978-85) Ph.D.
Rashid Ahmad Khan Pakistan Policy Towards Arab-Israel Conflict (1948-1973) Ph.D.
Shafiq Ali Khan Evolution of Two Nation Theory with Reference to India and Pakistan Ph.D.
Muhammad Zahid Khan Lodhi Foreign Policy of Pakistan 1947-57 Ph.D.
Khalid Javed Makhdoom Interaction of Ideology and Strategy in Pakistan's Foreign Policy 1947 - 60 Ph.D.
Muhammad Khan Mengal Political Parties in Baluchistan Province (Urdu) M.Phil
Sarfaraz Hussain Mirza The Punjab Muslim Students Federation 1937-47: A Study of the Formation, Growth and Participation in the Pakistan Movement Ph.D.
Hussain Ahmad Piracha Arab League (1944 - 1982) Ph.D.
Muhammad Abdullah Qadri Imam Abu Hanifah Key Siyasi Nazariyaat (Political Theory of Imam Abu Hanifa) Ph.D.
Muhammad Ahmad Qadri Islamic Public Administration Theory and Practice Ph.D.
Muhammad Ahmad Qadri Ulema's Role in Pakistani Politics (1947 - 1977) M.Phil
Ghulam Ali Solangi Role of Education in Socio-Political Economic Conditions in Larkana District During Talpur and British Period Ph.D.
Muhammad Sarwar Ideological DyNAM ism and Political Decision-Making in Pakistan (1971-78) Ph.D.
Abdul Hussain Shahkar Political Development in Iran 1962-78: A Study of Muhammad Raza Pahlavi's Policies Ph.D.
Muhammad Hassan Sheikh Role of Political Parties in Pakistan 1969-1977 Ph.D.
Hidayat Ullah Public Service : An Ideal Type for Pakistan Ph.D.
Muhammad Umar Muslims in India a Political Study: 1885-1917 Ph.D.
Muhamamad Abu Zar Wajidi K.M.C A Study of its Administration and Financial Organization Ph.D.
Muhammad Laiq Zardari Tehrik-e-Pakistan Main Sindh Jo Hisso (Role of Sindh in Pakistan Movement) Ph.D.
Naudir Bakht Islamic Institution of Public Administration (Khulafa-e-Rashdin Period) M.Phil
Ghulam Meeran Pakistan Ain Bainul Aqwami Johri Siasat (Pakistan and International Nuclear Politics) M.Phil
Muhammad Mustafa Al-remavey Al-Fikr-ul-Ijtemai India Shah Wali Ullah Dehlwi Ph.D.
Syed Mujeeb Ahmad Utilization of Health Care Facilities by the People of Orangi Town Ph.D.
Zamir Ahmad The Quranic Sociology of Crime Ph.D.
Asghari Khanum Awan Social Pathology of Pregnancy Wastage: A Follow-Up Study of Socio-Biologic Correlates of Reproductive Loss Ph.D.
Maule Dino Zilah Hyderabad Je Dehi Kutanban Ji Terz-e-Zindagi Mein Samaji Tabdelian (Social Changes in the Life Style of Rural Communities of Hayderabad District) Ph.D.
Attiya Inayatullah Pakistan's Social Institutions and Behaviour Patterns in Relation to Population Growth Ph.D.
Muhammad Jahangir Arbab Changing Conjugal Role Patterns in Sindh Ph.D.
Huma Khanum Socio-Economic Characteristics of Diabetic Patients Ph.D.
Ansar Hasan Kizilbash Attitudes of University Teachers Towards Teaching as a Profession (A Sociological Study) Ph.D.
Mahmood Falsafah-e-Ibne-Khaldoon Al-Ijtimaeyya (Collective Philosophy of Ibne-Khaldoon) Ph.D.
Tasadduq Ahmad Makhdum A Study of the Social Institutions in Swat Ph.D.
David John Penman The Sociology of Religion: An Introductory Analysis of the Theories and Problems in the Literature with Special Emphasis of the Sociology of Religious Minorities Ph.D.
Guillermo C. De Vega A Study of the Socio-Cultural Patterns of Pakistan Ph.D.
Karim Malik Socio-Economic Development of Multan through Media Ph.D.
Mansoor Bajwa Media Development in Bahawalpur Ph.D.
Khalid Javed The Sino-Indian War of 1962 and the United States: A Case Study of Indo-US Collaboration against China Ph.D.
Ishtiaq Ahmed START, Strategic Stability and the Future of Nuclear Deterrence Ph.D.
Syed Islam Shah Socio Economic Development in Tribal Areas: A Case of Mohmand Agency 1975-85 Ph.D.
Hafeez-ur Rahman Saints and Shrines in Pakistan: A Case Study of Potohar Area Ph.D.
Sarfraz Hussain Ansari Political Thoughts of Inayatullah Khan Mashriqi Ph.D.
Naureen Talha Economic Factors in Making of Pakistan 1921-47 Ph.D.
Syed M.H. Shah Religion and Politics in Pakistan 1972-88 Ph.D.
Abdul Samad Peerzada The Ulema and Politics: A Case Study of Jamiat-e-Ulema Islam Pakistan 1971-77 Ph.D.
Fazal-ur-Rahman Qureshi Religio Political Movement of Faqir of Ippi Ph.D.
Abdul Rauf Muslim Politics in NWFP (1919-30) with Special Reference to Pan-Islamic Ideas M.Phil
Khizar Hayat Mujahid The Unionist Party: 1923-36 M.Phil
Fazalur Rehman Ajez Pakistan and Muslim Unity: A Case Study of OIC M.Phil
Imran Ahmad Factors Affecting the Status of Human Rights in Pakistan M.Phil
Irfana Shaheen Famine Consciousness in Pakistan and the Role of Women's Action Forum M.Phil
Saleemuddin A Study of Junejo's Five Points Programme (March 1985-May 1988) M.Phil
Abdul Hafeez The Politics of Convention Muslim League: 1962-69 M.Phil
Huma Naz Bureaucratic Elites and Political Development in Pakistan 1947-58 M.Phil
Najibullah Sayyid Abdul Ala Maududi and Muslim Nationalism In South Asia M.Phil
Umbreen Ajmal Indo-Pak Relations in Eighties M.Phil
Nadeem Rafi Pak-Iran Relations (1970-90) M.Phil
Nuzhat Maghfoor India as a Factor in Pak-US Relations M.Phil
Khadija Naheed Soviet Occupation of Afghanistan: Implications for Pakistan M.Phil
Syed Zahir Shah Hazrat Muhammad Aminul Hasanat (Pir Sahib of Manki Sharif) M.Phil
Kishwar Sultana Dr. Muhammad Iqbal: A Study of his Political Career: 1927-38 M.Phil
Tariq Javed Pakistan and Economic Cooperation Organisation M.Phil
Hafiz Abdul Rashid Special Education in Pakistan with Reference to Visually Handicapped Persons M.Phil
Kamran Basharat The Role of Judiciary in Politics of Pakistan M.Phil
M. Azam Chohan The Role of Mir Khalilur Rehman in Pakistani Press M.Phil
Samina Yaseem The Origin and Impact of Khalistan Movement M.Phil
Nusrat Zohra Historical Development of Attock M.Phil
Samina Asmat Quaid-i-Azam and his Biographers M.Phil
Ghazala Khan Personal Life of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and His Career 1927-38 M.Phil
Sarfraz The Impact of the Eighth Amendment on the Parliamentary Government Pakistan M.Phil
Khurram Mahmood Tableeghi Jamat in Pakistan: 1947-1977 a Study in Perspective M.Phil
Saifur Rehman Pakistan and Central Asia Relations 1995-97 (A Study in Perspective) M.Phil
Saqib Raza Aslam Role of Business Pressure Groups in National Politics: A Case Study of Punjab 1985-95 M.Phil
Nasrullah Khan The Rise and Role of Awami National Party: Provincialism to National Politics M.Phil
Rashida Malik Iqbal and the Concept of Pakistan M.Phil
Naureen Sana Pak-US Relations during Ayub Khan Regime M.Phil
M. Shoaib Malik Economic Inheritance of Pakistan M.Phil
Namat Uzma The Revival of the Parliamentary Democracy in Pakistan: 1988-97 M.Phil
Irshad A. Somroo Ethnicity and Political Development in Sindh M.Phil
Samina Tanveer The Role of Pakistan Muslim League: 1947-58 M.Phil
Samina Nadeem The Linguistic Analysis of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Speeches 1940-47 M.Phil
Ahmad Raza Malik Sheikh Mujibur Rehman and the Separation of East Pakistan M.Phil
Sarwat Sultana Development of Pakistan Navy: An Analysis of Factors Hampering its Progress M.Phil
Salma Khurshid Pakistan in Post Cold War: Geo-Strategic Context M.Phil
Khalid Khan Politics and Government in NWFP 1947-53 M.Phil
M. Iqbal A Comparative Study of the Language of Urdu-English Press M.Phil
Idrees Khan Military and Politics after Zia M.Phil
Zahid Ali Islam and Modernisation: A Case Study of Pakistan: 1947-54 M.Phil
Amanullah Memon Sino-Pak Relation in the Post Cold War Era M.Phil
M. Ibrahim Khan China's Role in Indo-Pak War of 1965 and 1971 M.Phil
M. Farid Decline of Communist Role in Afghanistan and its Impact on Pakistan: 1985-92 M.Phil
Iftikhar A. Raja Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Jinnah and M.K. Gandhi: A Comparative Study-1915-31 M.Phil
Rashid A. Siddiqi Pakistan's Afghan Policy after the Soviet Withdrawal M.Phil
Liaqat Mahmood Ahmadia Movement in Pakistan up till 1984 M.Phil
Ahmad Aziz Tarar Bhutto and the Super Powers: A Study in the Concept and Practice of Bilateralism M.Phil
Abrar Ahmad Dynamics of Poverty in Pakistan M.Phil
Noor Fatima The Role of Press and PNA Movement M.Phil
Abdul Waseem Urdu main Muzahamati Aur Inqlabi Shairi (Revolutionary and Resistive Poetry in Urdu) M.Phil
M. Anwar Khan Center Province Relations: The Case of NWFP: 1988-93 M.Phil
Mariyam Khatoon Pakistan Movement as Reflected in Urdu Novel: 1948-97 M.Phil
Akhtar Hussain Tanzeem-e-Tehrik Niffazi Sharia Muhammadi Malakand Division Myth and Reality M.Phil
Sajid Mahmood Awan Divergent Attitudes and Fertility Trends in Pakistan M.Phil
Azhar Hussain Shah Internal Security Problems of Pakistan 1985-94 M.Phil
Ijlal Hussain Shah The Pragmatics of Formality and Politeness in Burushaski and Shina M.Phil
Mahmud-ul-Hassan Butt United States Policy in Iran, 1970-1980 M.Phil
Samina Hamid Small States and Super Power Relationship: A Case Study of Pakistan-American Military Alliances M.Phil
Farhat Perveen US Military Aid to Pakistan and India's Reaction M.Phil
Azra Kureshy The Non-Aligned Movement and the US M.Phil
Khalid Javed US-India Relations, 1947-79 M.Phil
Syed Wajahat Ali U.S. Policy Towards Apartheid in South Africa M.Phil
Abdur Raziq China as a Factor in Pak-US Relations, 1949-1969 M.Phil
Mohsin Hasan Butt Vital Security Interests of the US: Definition, Scope and Reality M.Phil
Mada Khan Pakistan-United States Aid Deal 1981: A Cost-Benefit Analysis M.Phil
Farzana Muzaffar The American Academics and the Afghanistan Crisis: April 1979-April 1988 M.Phil
Ishtiaq Ahmad The INF Accord and the Prospects for Strategic Arms Reduction M.Phil
Nargis Rashid Reagan's Perception of the Soviet Union: From Cold War to De'tente M.Phil
Nuzhat Iqbal American Environmental Policy during the Reagan's Presidency M.Phil
M. Tariq Javed Issues in US-Canada Relations during the Reagan's Presidency M.Phil
M. Ashfaq Ahmad Changes in Eastern Europe and Challenges for American Foreign Policy M.Phil
Fayyaz Ali Abbasi The Pak-Soviet Relations: US Factor M.Phil
Mazhar Mansoor Civil Rights Movement, 1954-68: A Sociological Retrospect M.Phil
Ch. Jehanzeb Akhtar The United States and the New World Order: A Gramscian Analysis M.Phil
Mohammad Ismail U.S. Vision of the New World Order: Problems and Prospects M.Phil
Mian Hanan Ahmed U.S.-Pakistan Relations during Zia Era: A Study of Reverse Influence M.Phil
Qurratul Ain Ayesha Religion and Politics in Contemporary America: A Study of Religio-Political Trends M.Phil
Hamid Reza Behzad Peace Corps and its Role in the Developing Countries M.Phil
Jamal Nasir The Presidency and the Media: A Study of the Watergate Scandal M.Phil
Saira Rehman The Vietnam War and the American Campuses M.Phil
Nasreen Iqbal Gilani The Black Movement in America: Integrationists vs Separatists M.Phil
Arshad Mahmood Shahid United States Policy Towards the Iraq-Iran War, 1980-88 M.Phil
Farzana Amin United States-Japan Relations in the Post-Cold War Era: Problems and Prospects M.Phil
Zulfiqar Ali The Evolution of the Pakistan-US Alliance 1951-55 M.Phil
Rana Saleem Iqbal The United States and the Indo-Pakistan War of 1965 M.Phil
Qasim Hasan America's Vietnam Experience: As Reflected through Literature M.Phil
Abdul Waheed Aid as a Instrument of U.S. Foreign Policy: A Case Study of Pakistan M.Phil
Savera Aslam The Role of the 1970s Blockbuster Film in Shaping Public Discourse M.Phil
Musarrat Bashir The U.S. and the Evolving Environmental Debate M.Phil
Foqia Sadiq Khan Evolution of the Concept of Peace in the U.S. M.Phil
Nadeem Akhtar Janjua Missile Proliferation in South Asia and MTCR: An American Perspective M.Phil
Main M. Amir Naseer American Role in Pakistan's Domestic Politics, 1970-88 M.Phil
Masood Safdar Gill "NAFTA" Implications for the US Economy with Special Reference to the Environment M.Phil
Tahir Siddique Islamic Organisations in United States: Their Role and Impact M.Phil
Zahid Rasheed Democratic Taiwan and the U.S. 1986-94 M.Phil
Lubna Kamal Racism in Contemporary U.S. M.Phil
Itrat Batool U.S. Panama Relations: The Canal Issue M.Phil
Basti Maqsood Abbas Impact of US Aids on Pakistan Economic Development 1958-69 M.Phil
Naureen Ashraf Khan U.S. Nuclear Diplomacy Towards South Asia: Diffusing India - Pakistan Nuclear Tension M.Phil
Zulquarnain Saadi U.S. - India Relations in Post Cold War Era M.Phil
Asghar Khan Narcotics as an Issue in US - Pakistan Relations M.Phil
Nadeem Shahzad The Impact of US Culture on Pakistan Returned from the U.S.A M.Phil
Waheed Ahmad Khan The Progress and Problems of the North American Free Trade Area M.Phil
Fauzia Karim U.S. Foreign Policy and Major Global Environment Issues. The Clinton Phase M.Phil
Nasreen Akhtar Presler Law and its Impact on Pak-U.S. Relations M.Phil
Sikandar Ali Hayat U.S. Multinational Corporation and Canadian Policies M.Phil
Noreen Saher Human Rights Situation in Kashmir and U.S. Policy M.Phil
Farhat Saba CIDA's Role in Women Development in Pakistan M.Phil
Nadeem Haider U.S. Policy Towards Elimination of Child Labour Over the World:Implementation for Pakistan M.Phil
Abdul Waheed Khan Human Rights as a Factor in U.S. Policy Towards China M.Phil
Asif Iqbal War and Literature: A Case Study of Earnest Hemingway's the Sun Also Rises' and 'A Farewell to Arms M.Phil
Tahir Jamil Issues of Woman Rights in United States: A Case Study of Abortion M.Phil
Saima Rafi Issues of Wars and Slavery as Depicted in Faulkner's Works M.Phil
Tahir Mahmood Comparative Analysis of the Functioning of Senates in USA and Pakistan M.Phil
Faraz Anjum U.S. Perception of Human Rights in Pakistan M.Phil
Noorullah U.S. Policy Towards Central Asia M.Phil
Ashra Shahzad Indo-US Relations in Post Cold War Era M.Phil
Razia Musarrat Pakistan: Federalism & National Integration. Ph.D.
Abdul Ghaffar Soomro Shah Abdul Latif and his Sufistic Thought with Special Reference to Rumi Ph.D.
Muhammad Munir Arain Study of Higher Education in Pakistan During 1979-1991 Ph.D.
Ms. Saima Qayyum Confidence Building Measures in the Environment of Nuclear Proliferation in South Asia M.Phil
Shakila Noor Sindhu Poverty Alleviation, Strategies in Pakistan M.Phil
Tasneem Sikender Local Government in Pakistan (1959, 1979, 2001) (Comparative Statement) M.Phil
Haleema Naz Afridi Dissolution of Central Legislature in Pakistan 1985-99: A Political Analysis M.Phil
Rana Ejaz Ahmed Globalization and its Impact on Pakistan Politics 1991-2000 M.Phil
Khalid Butt Child Labour: A Case Study of Auto Repair Workshop of Lahore M.Phil
Asifa A Case Study of Autonomous Hospitals, Hospital Autonomy Linkage with Good Governance M.Phil
Abida Qureshi Post Cold War: American Foreign Policy in South Asia M.Phil
Syeda Farha Iqbal Effects of leadership styles on the work performance of female undergraduate students Ph.D.
Asad Bano Myth and Reality in Sex-Role discrimination Ph.D.
Naveed Shibli Effect of stress on blood pressure and motor performance among normal subjects Ph.D.
Seema Gul Development of family adjustment test Ph.D.
Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan Validation and Norm development of Salma Shah Depression Scale M.Phil
Tahir Saeed Ethnic prejudice among Pakistani adolescents studying in various schools and colleges of Peshawar. M.Phil
Shaireen Yahya Fear of Death, Death attitudes and religious orientation. M.Phil
Samina Kaukab Huma Translation, adaptation and Validation of Sixteen personality Factors questionnaire (16pf) M.Phil
Shakira Huma Personality & Crime: A comparison of various groups of women convicts M.Phil
Nosheen Sahibzad Vulnerability of abused (physically and sexually abused) and non abused women to drug addiction M.Phil
Uzma Gillani Social and psychological factors in female infertility M.Phil
Muhammad Khurshed The Role of Unionist Party in Punjab Politics 1923-36 Ph.D.
Mohammad Asif Ali Rizvi Punjab Muslim League 1937-47 Ph.D.
Mohammad Fazil Khan Coordinated Planning for University Libraries in Pakistan: Problems, Perceptions, Prospects, Organisation and Implementation Ph.D.
Raheem Yar Abbasi Mass Communication in Bahawalpur State After 2nd World War Ph.D.
Ameer Bakhsh Basit Economic Analysis of Current Public Expenditure in Pakistan in the Light of Islamic Economics Ph.D.
Mohammad Younis Ismaeed Amarat-e-Sahil-e-Oman Moand Khatiaam 1800-1892 (The Coasts of Sultanate of Oman, 1880-1892) Ph.D.
Zafarullah Baig Bar-e-Sagheer Pak-o-Hind Mein Khatam-e-Nabowwat: Aik Tareekhi Aur Tajziyati Mutalia (Khatam-e-Nabowwat in the sub-Continent Pakistan and India: A Historical and Analytical Study) Ph.D.
Shahid Hassan Rizvi Riasat Bahawalpur Ki Taleemi-o-Smaji Tareekh 1955 Tak (Educational and Social History of Bahawalpur State up to 1955) Ph.D.
Ghulam Shabbir Bari Alig Fan-o-Shakhsiat - Sahafti Khidmat Ka Tanqeedi Jaiza (Bari Alig's Art and Personality: A Critical Review of his Journalistic Services) Ph.D.
Amatul Razzak Chaudhry An Economic Analysis of Costs and Benefits of Pakistan's Investment in Population Control, 1965-88 Ph.D.
Ashiq Muhammad Durrani Multan under the Afghans (1752-1818) Ph.D.
S. Parveen Zahra Gardazi Role of Structural and Technical Changes and its Impact on Industrial Sector in Pakistan M.Phil
Rauf Nazir The Role of Small Scale Industury Sector in Economic Development of Pakistan: A Case of Footwear Industry. M.Phil
M. Asif Awan Demand and Supply Factors of Multinational Banks in Pakistan M.Phil
Iram Shafi Female Education and Fertility in Multan City: A New Perception M.Phil
Aneela Naureen Cost of Neglecting Primary Education: A Case Study of Faisalabad M.Phil
Shabana Anwar Formal and Informal Sector Employment in Urban Areas: A Case Study of Multan M.Phil
Salma Maqbool Determinants of Married Female Labour Force in the Service Sector of Multan M.Phil
Imran Zafar Female Labour Force Participation in Mixed Crop Zone of Punjab M.Phil
Mehboob Ahmad Income Distribution in Muslim Countries Vis-a-Vis Non Muslim Countries Ph.D.
Asma Majeed The Determinants of Urban Poverty in Pakistan: A Case Study of Multan City M.Phil
Nisar Ahmad Household Behaviour in Pakistan: Evaluation of Rural Urban Consumption Patterns: 1998-1999 M.Phil
Tasadduq Abbas Agricultural Price Policy in Pakistan: Supply Side Effects M.Phil
Muhammad Ramzan The Role of Foreign Debt and its Impact on the Economy of Pakistan M.Phil
Fahim Zafar Poverty, Agricultural Production and Prices in Rural Pakistan M.Phil
Ramsha Saleem Socio-Economic Determinants of Women Status: A Study of Cholistani Women M.Phil
Tanvir Alam Credit and Poverty: A Case Study of Punjab Rural Support Program, Sahiwal District M.Phil
Muhammad Amin Islami Tasawaf Mein Fard Ka Tasawar Ph.D.
Gulzar Ahmad A Longitudinal Study of Marital Adustment during First Transition to Parenthood Ph.D.
Syed Suhail Imam Job Satisfaction among University Teachers Ph.D.
Iffat Yaqub Chaudhry A Cross-Cultural Study of Adolescents and their Adjustment Problems Ph.D.
Aisha Yusuf Study of Personality Differences Between Stutterers in Relation to Varying Degrees of stuttering Ph.D.
M.A. Hassan Indian Public Finance: Indian Private Finance Ph.D.
Nadeem Inayat Theory and Practice of Islamic Banking in Pakistan Ph.D.
Abdul Raoof A Comparative Study of Pakistani Consumers Country of Origin Attitude Towards the Marketing Mix of Products from Germany, Japan and South Korea Ph.D.
Azhar Hassan Nadeem Effective Policing and Economic Development in Pakistan Ph.D.
A.S. Ansari A Socio-Economic Study of the Islamic System and Prospects and Problems of Economic Cooperation and Integration of the Muslim World Ph.D.
M. Iqbal Bhutta Khatati Kay Farogh Mein Lahore Ka Hissa 1880-1980 (Contribution of Lahore in the Promotion of Caligraphy 1880-1980) Ph.D.
Muhammad Ayyub The Develpoment and Validation of a Selected Unit of Programmed Learning in General Science for Class VI Ph.D.
Kh. Nazir Ahmad The Role of Education in the Realization of Socio-Economic Policy of the Government of Pakistan Ph.D.
Khushi Muhammad Evaluation of Master's Degree Programme at The Institute of Education and Research, University of the Punjab Ph.D.
Abdul Ghafoor Ch. A Study of the Practices of Teaching Physics in the Secondry School of the Punjab Ph.D.
Fouzia Naheed Kh An Evaluation of the Organizational Structure of the University of the Punjab, Lahore Pakistan Ph.D.
Sadia Afzal A Study of the Differential Effects of Educational Levels on Self Concept of Male and Female Subjects Ph.D.
Iftikhar Ahmad Baig Study of the Relationship Between Science Teachers Attributes and their Classroom Teaching Behaviours Ph.D.
Muhammad Saeed Shahid A Study of the Professional Relevance of Primary School Teacher Educators Ph.D
Sikandar Hiyat A Study of Organizational Climate Job Satisfaction and Classroom Performance of College Teachers Ph.D
Khalid Rashid A Study of Comparative Competence of B.S.Ed. and B.Ed. Graduates Ph.D
M. Akram Malik A Study of Causal Factors in Teacher Stress and Morale Ph.D
Shahid Mahmood A Study of Leadership Behavior and Effectivness of Secondary School Heads in Pakistan Ph.D
Muhammad Hameed Nawaz Evaluation of the Industrial Arts Programme of the Agro-Technical Teachers Training Centres in Pakistan Ph.D
Mumtaz Akhtar A Study of the Comparative Effectiveness of Competency Based Humanistic and Traditional Approaches of Teaching Social Studies at Secondary Level Ph.D
Hafiz Abdul Khaliq A Study of the Adminstrative Problems of Boys Higher Secondary School in Punjab Ph.D
Nasim Akhtar Qureshi A Comparative Study of Student's Achievement and Expenditure in Government Girls Intermediate Colleges and Government Higher Secondary School in Punjab M.Phil
Muhammad Hanif Zafar A Comparative Study of Effectiveness of Microteaching Training under Varied Approaches in Developing Selected Teaching Skills of In-Service Primary school teachers M.Phil
M. Naimat Ali Koukab A Comparative Study of the Educational Achievements of Two Years Master Degree Programmes in Education in Various Universities of Punjab M.Phil
Naudir Bakht Role of Mir Ghous Bakhsh Bezanjo in the Politics of Balochistan Ph.D
Qasid Hussain Mallah Exploration of Archeological Monuments/Sites and Ancient Settlements Pattern in Sukkur District M.Phil
Mastoor Fatima Bukhari The Early History of Sindh with Special Reference to Buddism M.Phil
Syed Shakir Ali Shah Exploration of Archeological Sites and Monuments in Nawabshah District M.Phil
Parveen Shafqat A Study of the Nature of Changes in the Secondary Level Biology Curriculum Since 1960 Ph.D
Uzma Shujaat British Foreign Policy vis-a-vis Pakistan during the Afghanistan Crisis 1979-1988 M.Phil
Zahida Abdul Malik The Problems of Northern Ireland in British Politics M.Phil
Khawar Rasheed Pakistan-France Relations (1947-1990): A Critical Review M.Phil
Ms. Naseem Fatima Standardization and Cataloguing of Urdu Manuscripts. Ph.D.
Hafiz M. Yasin Consequences and Prospects of Islamization: An Applied General Equilibrium Approach with Reference to Pakistan Economy Ph.D.
Farishullah Yusafzai Social Communication Compaigns Through Electronic Media: A Study of Process and Impact Ph.D.
Muhammad Ali Malik Peshawar Under the Sikh Raj. Ph.D.
Abdul Latif Judiciary in Afghanistan Since the Days of Amir Abdur Rehman. Ph.D.
Ajmal Khan Malik Kashmir Under the Afghans Ph.D.
Fakhrul Islam Political Development in NWFP Since 1947. Ph.D.
Tariq Rahim Pak - Afghan Trade Ph.D.
Pervez Ahmad Khan Frontier's Contribution in the Making of Pakistan. Ph.D.
Zahid Shah Muslim Freedom Fighter of India Based in Central Asia. Ph.D.
Rafiq Ullah Khan Peshawar Under the Mughals. Ph.D.
Mumtaz Ali Bangash Political and Adminstrative Development of Tribal Areas: A Focus on Khyber and Kurram. Ph.D.
Jehanzeb Mujahiddeen Movement in Malakand and Mohamand Agencies (1900-1940) Ph.D.
Zahid Anwar The Impact of Marxism on Muslim Intelligentia of Indo-Pak Sub-Continent Ph.D.
Noshad Khan The Khalaftists Hijrat to Afghanistan Ph.D.
M. Maghmoom Yar The Rowshan Title and Pushto Literature. Ph.D.
Sughra Bibi Peshawar Under the Afghans. Ph.D.
Rubina Abiddin The Literary Achievements of Samandar Khan Samandar Ph.D.
Abdullah Khan Maulana Ubaidullah Sindhi's Mission to Afghanistan and Soviet Russia. Ph.D.
Adnan Sawar Khan The Geneva Accords on Afghanistan: Pakistan's Perspective. Ph.D.
Razia Sultana Peshawar Under the Duranis (1747-1818). Ph.D.
Naseer Ali Khan Role of Policy in the Development of Small Scale Industry in NWFP and its Significance for Afghanistan and Central Asia Ph.D.
Zahid Javed Life Pattern in the Karakoram Hindukush: A Case Study of Darel and Tangir Villages. Ph.D.
Sultan Hanif Orakzai The Prospects of Islamic Revival in Centeral Asia Ph.D.
Saif Ullah Joyo Post Soviet Central Asia: An Analysis of Internal Conditions and External Relations- A Case Study of Uzbekistan Ph.D.
Shazia Babur Strains of Romanticism in Abdul Ghani Khan and John Keat's Poetry: A Comparative Study. Ph.D.
Muhammad Ayaz A Critical Analysis of Communication Strategies of NGO,s Working for Afghan Refguees in NWFP Ph.D.
Fazli Hakim Khattak Reconstrustion of Afghanistan's Economy Ph.D.
Muhammad Irshad Socio-Linguistic Aspects of English in Afghanistan Ph.D.
S. Waqar Hussain The Impact of Afghan Transit Trade on the Economy of NWFP (1990-2000) Ph.D.
Fayyaz ur Rehman Islamic Law of Maintenance for Wives in Pakistan and Afghanistan Since 1960. Ph.D.
Shah Nazar Khan Ancient Peshawar: An Analysis of History and Archeology. Ph.D.
Shakeel Ahmad Swat Name of Khushal Khan Khattak (Edited and Translated in English) M.Phil
Gul Mahida Naz Special Prayers and Predictions of the Holy Prophet Available in Bukhari Shraif M.Phil
Nisreen Mahmud Kashgari and His Diwan Lughat At-turk......An Appraisal M.Phil
Zia ur Reham Impact of Modern Agricultural Techniques on Agricultural Development with Particular Reference to Replacement of Poppy Cultivation in Tribal Areas of Afghanistan: A Case Study of Mohmand Agency. M.Phil
Muhammad Taieb Kinship and Leadership: A Comparative Study of the Emergence of Leadership among Torkhel of Batagram District, NWFP with the Type of Leadership in Afghanistan. Ph.D.
Fazal Amin Beg Kinship and Marriages Among the Wakhis in the Tashkurghan Tajik Autonomous Country of Xinjinang Region: China M.Phil
Muhammad Jamal Nasir The Impact of Karakoram Highway on the Land Use and Cropping Pattern of Hunza Valley M.Phil
Fazulr Rahman Growth Development and Functional Diversification of Settlements in the Northern Areas of Paksitan: A Study of Astor Valley M.Phil
Najaf Ali Spatial Analysis of Demographic Pattern and Trend in Potohar Regions of Punjab M.Phil
Shaista Dilawar Women Participation in Economics Activities: A Case Study of Mingora City M.Phil
Saifullah Khan Climates of Pakistan M.Phil
Rabih Azhar Enviornmental and Socio Cultural Impacts of Ghazi Barotha Hydropower Project: A Case Study of Teshil Ghazi M.Phil
Atta-ur-Rehman Effectiveness of Flood Hazard Reduction Policies: A Case Study of Kabul-Swat Floodplain Peshawar Vale M.Phil
Qamarunnisa Qureshi Job Satisfaction of the Secondary School Teachers in Karachi M.Phil
Muhammad Rasheed Feroz Islam and Secularism in Post-Kemalist Turkey Ph.D.
Zakia Sultana Hazrat Usman aur un ka aihad Ph.D.
Muhammad Hussain Siddiqui Imam Malik aur un kai fiqhi karnama Ph.D.
Syed Matloob Hussain Evolution of Social Institutions in Islam during first Century Hijra Ph.D.
Nisar Ahmed Aihde Nabawi main Riyasat ka nashu wa irtiqa Ph.D.
Muhammad ibn Abdul Gani Life and Times of Hisham ibn Abdul Malik Ph.D.
Naseeb Akhter Tarikh, Siyasat aur Taleem ke bare main Dr. Ishtiaq Husain Qureshi ke afkar (Dr. Ishtiaq Husain Qureshi's Thoughts on Political Movement, Politics and Education) Ph.D.
Nigar Sajjad Zaheer Pehli sadi hijri ke Islami Muashire main Maulvli ki samaji hasiat wa Ilmi martaba Ph.D.
Muhammad Tahir Impact of Imprisonment on Self and social Self of Drug Traffickers and their Attitude towards Law M.Phil
Yaqub Ali Chaudhry Zakariya Research Studies: An Annotated Bibliography of Theses Dissertations, Reaserch Reports Written in English Language at B.Z.U Multan M.Phil
Parveen Feroze Hassan Political Philosophy of Iqbal Ph.D.
Shamsa Mobeen Use of Academic Libraries in Balochistan M.Phil
Mohamad Ilyas The Statistics of Copyright and Book Piracy in Pakistan M.Phil
Khurshid Akhtar Evaluation of Public Library Services in Balochistan M.Phil
Tahira Baig A study of Acquisition of Concepts by Elementary School Children Ph.D.
Farhat Jabeen An Evaluation of the Planning Strategies for Education in Pakistan 1947-89 Ph.D.
Ghulam Mustafa Sindi Muslim Samaj Ain Badle Ji Shadi Jo Rawaj (Custom of Exchange Marriage in Sindh Muslim Community) Ph.D.
Ahmed Mustafa Afifi Islamic Concept about Hoarding and Price Control in Perspective with Relation to Modern Economics Ph.D.
Farrukh Ahmed Awan Non-military Threats to the Security of Pakistan in the Post-Cold War Era M.Phil
Shabbir Ahmad Tahiri Synopsis and Bibliography of History of Urdu Historiography Ph.D.
Abdul Rehman Khalid Pakistan Ki Aain Sazi main Akhbarat ka Kirdar 1947-1972 (Role of Newspapers in Constitution Development of Pakistan 1947-1972) Ph.D.
Muhammad Waseem Akbar Islami Riasat Main Zarai Iblagh-e-Aama ka Kirdar (Role of Media in Islamic State) Ph.D.
Syed Farooq Hasnat The Persian Gulf 1971-78 an Analysis of the Regional Security System Ph.D.
Sandha Khan Malik Pakistan-A Case Study in Threat Perception Ph.D.
Muhammad Afzal Management Analysis: And Emerging Staff Function Ph.D.
Habib ur Rehman Siddique Family Social Engineering and Population Programs; A Study of Physicians, Government Officials, Lawyers and Professors in Pakistan Ph.D.
Tanveer Sardar Ahmad An Evaluation of the Science Curriculum for Primary School in Pakistan Ph.D.
Muhammad Wasiullah Khan A Study of the New Organizational Structure of the Indiana University Junior High School, Bloomington, Indiana Ph.D.
Razia Rafiq A Scientific Evaluation of the Unit 'Relations and Functions' in Three Algebra Programmed Textbooks in Terms of Educational Objectives Ph.D.
Nasimullah Khan A Study of the Production and Utilization of Educational Television to Facilitate Secondary Education in General Science, and the Formulation of Guidence in Educational Television of Pakistan Ph.D.
Feroza Yasmin Creating Stories for Children in Pakistan Ph.D.
Carwise Josephlouis Aspirations and Attitudes Towards Education of Over and Under Achieving Negro Junior High School Students Ph.D.
Mahmood ul Hassan Butt Conceptions of Structures of Knowledege and their Bearings on Curriculam Planning Ph.D.
Robert Browning Nicodemus Innovation of Education with Special Reference to some Aspects of the Nuffield Science Teaching Project Ph.D.
Keith R. Cooper A Diffusion of Curriculum Innovation----The Examples of the School Council Project History, Geography and Social Sciences 8-13 Ph.D.
Muhammad Iqbal A Study on the Effectiveness of Intervention Methdology on the Cognitive Development of Pakistani Students Ph.D.
Abdul Majid Role of Course Development Coordinator in the System of Distance Education M.Phil
Afifa Khanam A Comparative Study of the System of Evaluation of Asian Open Universities OUSI (Open University of Sri-Lanka) and Allama Iqbal Open University Pakistan M.Phil
Hafeez Amtul Chaudhary The Role of Educational Technology at Intermediate Level of Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad in Sargodha division M.Phil
Attiq ur Rehman The Effectiveness of Student Support Services of AIOU at Inter Level M.Phil
Farhat Nasima Evaluation of B.A Level Programme of AIOU Offered Through Distance Education in Multan Region M.Phil
Irshad Hussain A Study of Problem Faced by Distance Education Tutors in Bahawalpur Region M.Phil
Khalid Saleem A Study of Attitude of Potential Distance Learners Towards Distance Education M.Phil
Liaqat Ali Problems Faced by the Students of Distance Education of Lahore Region M.Phil
Maqsood Ahmad Identification of Traning Needs of Personnel Involved in Distance Education M.Phil
Muhammad Afzal A Study of the Cognitive Abilities of PTC Students of AIOU in the Punjab M.Phil
Muhammad Anees Future Trends and Dimensions of Distance Education in Pakistan M.Phil
Muhammad Asif Malik Problems and Issues of Distance Education M.Phil
Muhammad Ilyas A Comparative Study of Electrical Wiring Course of AIOU and Rural Skills Training Programme of ABAD M.Phil
Muhammad Ilayas Khawaja Achievement and Scope of Distance Education in AJK M.Phil
Muhammad Kausar Ali Factors Affecting the Success of Course Development Process in Distance Education M.Phil
Muhammad Mahmood Hussain Awan Effectiveness of Distance Education in Special Education Programme of Allama Iqbal Open University M.Phil
Muhammad Moazzam Shah Khan An Investigation into the Problems Involved in Use of English Language at B.A level Allama Iqbal Open University in Lahore Region M.Phil
Dr. Munawar Ibne Sadiq The Role of Educational Technology in Secondary Schools of District Kasur M.Phil
Muhammad Sharif Salfi An Investigation into the Problem Faced by the Students of AIOU of Kasur District M.Phil
Muhammad Suleman Effectiveness of Distance Education at Intermediate Level in Kasur District M.Phil
Muhammad Zahur Malik A Study of the Prevailing Evaluation System at Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad M.Phil
Muhammad Zubair Tahir An Investigation of the Evaluation System of AIOU at B.A. Level M.Phil
Mukhtar Ahmad To Investigate the Causes of Droppout in M.Phil Education at Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad M.Phil
Muzaffar Khan A Study on the Role of Systems Approach in Instructional Design at Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad M.Phil
Naseem Aulukh Habib Role of Study Centers and Regional Offices of AIOU in Student Support Services in Punjab Province M.Phil
Naveed Sultana An Evaluation of Self-instructional Print Materials at Intermediate Level in Distance Education System M.Phil
Noushaba Saleem Khan An Investigation into the Quality of Script Writing for Radio Programme M.Phil
Nusrat Bashir Role of Producer in Developing Educational T.V Programmes at AIOU M.Phil
Rakhshanda Sultana Chattha An Evaluation of Staff Development Training Programme at Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad M.Phil
Rehana Irem Evaluation of Islamabad Literacy Project Through Non-formal Education M.Phil
Sajid Hayat Akhtar Comparative Study of Cost Effectiveness of Formal and Non-formal System of PTC Programme in NWFP M.Phil
Sajida Shamsi TITL An Investigation into the Quality of Script Writing for Educational Television M.Phil
Samiullah Khan The Role of Editor in Distance Education M.Phil
Seema Naheed Reactions of Distance Learners to the Various Elements in a Distance Education System M.Phil
Uzma Elahi Role of Educational Technology in Teacher Training M.Phil
Zahida Asghar Ch. Problems Faced by the PTC Students Distance Education in Rawalpindi Region of Allama Iqbal Open University M.Phil
Zan ul Abdein An Enquiry into Problem of Delivery System of Allama Iqbal Open University M.Phil
Abdul Qayyum Khan Study of the Educational Developments at Elementary and Secondary Levels of Education in Mianwali District During the 7th Plan 1988-93 M.Phil
Ghani-ur-Rahim Sabzwari Study of the Problem of Malpractice in the Secondry Examination in Pakistan M.Phil
Maqsood Akbar Role of Private Sector in Expansion of Primary Education of Rawalpindi City M.Phil
Rahmat Ullah An Application of Black and Mouton's Management Grid to the Mangement Practices of the Prinicipal of Governement Colleges of NWFP M.Phil
Sajjad A. Jilani Effectiveness of AIOU Distance Education in Hazara Division M.Phil
Shahnaz Parveen A Comparative Study of English Medium Schools in Abbottabad M.Phil
Abdur Rehman Relationship Between Schools Anxiety and Academic Achievement of Students at Primary School level M.Phil
Aisha Akbar A Comparative Study of the Achievement in the Old and New Formats of Assignment versus Final Examination in the B.Ed Programme of Allama Iqbal Open University M.Phil
Aisha Bibi Effect of English Language Games on the Academic Achievment of the Secondary School Students in NWFP, Pakistan M.Phil
Amjad Ali Comparative Study of Teaching Mathematics at Secondary level with Chalk and Talk Method Versus Lecture-cum-Demonstration Methods M.Phil
Khalid Mahmood Effectiveness of In-service Training Imparted Through Teacher's Training Project M.Phil
Khair-un-Nisa Effectiveness of Using Calculator on Arithmetic Achievement of Sixth Grade Students M.Phil
Muhammad Arshad A Study to Compare the Achievement of Secondary School Certificate and Higher Secondary School Certificate Science Students of Urdu and English Medium Institutions of Faisalabad City from 1993 to 1997 M.Phil
Muhammad Asif Rajput Comparison of M.Ed Programmes Offered Through Formal and Distance Education System M.Phil
Muhammad Hussain Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Audio-lingual and Grammar-translation Methods of Teaching English at Intermediate Level in Azad Kashmir M.Phil
Muhammad Javed Iqbal Evaluation of Practical Paper of Physics at Secondary School level on Reasoning Competency M.Phil
Muhammad Khalid Evaluation of Secondary School Examination in the Context of Textbooks of Secondary Classes and Respective Teachers Training in Punjab M.Phil
Muhammad Yasin A Comparative Study of Intermediate (F.A/ F.Sc) Classes in Higher Secondary Schools and Intermediate Colleges in Punjab M.Phil
Nabi Bux Jumani Evaluation of the Curriculum of Science Subjects at Secondary School Level in Pakistan M.Phil
Partras Bhatti Development and Validation of an In-service Model at Secondary Level of Education in NWFP, Pakistan M.Phil
Muhammad Kausar Ali Developing a Model for Staff Development at Allama Iqbal Open University M.Phil
Abdur Rehman A Study of Relationship of Self-concept with Classroom Environment, Gender Role, Cognitive Development and Academic Achievement of the Students at Secondary School level M.Phil
Adaci B. Toribio Modernization in Philippines- A Study of Social Differentiation in Three Infugao Barrios Ph.D.
Noorul Islam Dr.Khan Sahib: A Political Study M.Phil
Hafeez ur Rehman Punjabi Poetry and Pakistan Movement M.Phil
Amjad Ali Zia Islamization and Social Change in Pakistan M.Phil
Hamid ul Haq Rushnyia Moement: Its Contribution to Pushto Literature M.Phil
Farrukh Mahmood Pakistan Under Martial Law: A Case study of General Zia-ul-Haq: 1977-85 M.Phil
Shafaq Rana The 1997 National Elections in Pakistan:An Analysis M.Phil
Nisar Ahmad Malik A Study of University Problems at University Level M.Phil
Naveed Irshad Pakistan and Central Asia MPhil
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